You Could Not Get Luckier If A Scorpion Woman Loves You

Scorpion woman

Scorpion woman – Snooty, honest, caring, moody, hard working, sarcastic and doe-eyed, in a nutshell, a Scorpion woman is your dream come true.

Scorpio is the water sign who is calm at heart, who has flesh and gleam but you must fear her strength. She is the tempestuous ball of emotions with whom a relationship will never be mundane. A Scorpion woman is like the blood in your mouth whose taste you will never forget and in case if you split ways with her, you will be left wondering why there is no one like her in the whole wide world. Someone has rightly said, once stung by a Scorpion woman, your life never remains the same. However, Scorpios have a lot of love and compassion at their disposal although they put up a detached front.

Delving deep inside a Scorpio’s psyche is like finding your way through a labyrinth and many people drift their ways from a Scorpio in fear of getting lost in the passion.

There is nothing more ecstatic than a Scorpion woman in love. When they love you, they just love you irrespective of your drawbacks and they tend to remain pretty committed and faithful in relationships which is the sexiest part of them. They usually come off as complex beings with high standards and takes a lot of time to open up. They key to hook their interest is to hold patience meanwhile giving her the sweet time to observe you. Once she thinks you fit, she will let down her guards and reveal her vulnerable self to you which she has always been protective about.

Your Scorpio woman will be pretty brusque because she couches for honesty. She will have no qualms in speaking her mind even if that lands her in soup and she will always seek emotional security.

Once given, she will turn around your world with love, protection and self-devotion. American poet Atticus has said ‘Love her wild’ which suits the Scorpion woman all right. She has a wild side to her and never likes to be dictated. If you let her be, she will treat you like her king and shower you with praises every now and then. Scorpios are the people with whom all your secrets are safe hence your woman will become your best friend to begin with.

She has a way with words and will lift up your spirit magically when you feel emotionally exhausted. But what really depicts a Scorpion woman is their jealously and to tell you, her jealously is her protective shield. When she loves you, she becomes irrationally protective towards you too as she has always been towards herself.

You will never feel as secured in anyone’s arm as in a Scorpion’s, take note.

Plus, the cherry on the cake will be the beauty of hers that is always enticing. Scorpios have the best facial features in the zodiac calendar as compared to others and that’s why you will induce a lot of jealously in other people when you walk hand in hand with her.

If you win her heart, she will be yours forever but keep giving her challenges because anything run-of-the-mill, bores her. Don’t feel intimidated by her personality, she will be your mainstay no matter what.

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