These Reasons Behind Broken Marriage Are Absurd And Unbelievable

Reasons Behind Broken Marriage

Reasons Behind Broken Marriage – People say that marriages are made in heaven but it takes just one reason to spoil that match for forever.

Though marriages are usually known as the beginning of a new life, it comes with a lot of hurdles that might not let that marriage work properly. Sometimes, it’s either the husband or the wife who becomes the reason of a ruined marriage, sometimes it’s the both of them and at times, it’s a third person.

Whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t take much time to ruin a marriage and when it happens, a lot of lives change.

At times, people don’t even know the reasons behind their broken marriage but those who do, regret it throughout.

The Reasons Behind Broken Marriage –

Just like these people:

For Jackie Thennes:

“I thought I was ready for marriage because it was what I was supposed to do based on social norms.

I got married for the wrong reasons.

I married the wrong person.

I wasn’t a whole person going into my marriage.

Midway through my marriage, I discovered I had “the disease to please” and I desperately needed to change. As I changed I realized I wasn’t willing to sacrifice myself for this marriage anymore. Despite all of the above, my ex wasn’t willing to meet me halfway so there was really nothing left to do. I don’t have ill feelings because things happen for a reason and I am so much happier now!”

For Robert:

“I’m still deeply in love with my ex-wife, but over time as we lived together, my depression and anxiety steadily increased until I ended up hospitalized twice for them, once in 2014 and once in 2015. We officially separated in May, and the change in my mental and emotional health was dramatic and immediate, to the point where, under my therapist’s supervision, I was able to wean myself off my psych meds. (I have since gone back on them; the day the divorce was finalized was the single most difficult day of my life, and I’ve still got some time before I’m going to be past that.

If I could find a way to toss the depression and anxiety out the window, I’d propose to her again today. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way, and we’re better off as people who occasionally date, but don’t live together.”

For Kunal:

“My wife had an illicit relationship with her estranged boyfriend. It was an arranged marriage and she continued the affair after the engagement and planned to do it after the wedding as well. I got to know about it and also found that she was planning to get divorced and subsequently demand alimony portraying me as a psycho and made false allegations that I assaulted her and that my parents tried to do that as well. I’ve been nice and loyal to her in spite of a short living together. I hope the next one I find will respect and honor me just like I do.”

These are the reasons behind broken marriage. Different people have different reasons and you must always remember that anything in this world can ruin your marriage. So, if you don’t want to go through a failed marriage, pay more attention towards your relationship.

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