Phubbing, New Phone Trend, Is Ruining The Romance And Love Among The Couples !


Do you get phubbed by your partner?

Didn’t get phubbing?

But is the newest phone trend that is spoiling your relationship. Phubbing= phone+snubbing.

Basically, you are snubbing your partner for a phone! Have you done that? Or do you face that? Then you aren’t the only one, according to researchers around 46% of the people are a victim of this and it ain’t a good scenario. Romance is dying in couples due to the phone!

How shocking is that? Read more to find out all about it:

What are the consequences of Phubbing?

Smartphones are actually reducing our attention span and the worst that can happen is that your relationships are growing apart. Since we all need someone to listen to us, our feelings, when you get phubbed, you will be dejected, angry over your partner’s behavior. In fact, there are chances that you lose interest in spending quality time with him/her.

These are the common consequences that happen when you are phubbing:

  • You tend to have more arguments with your partner
  • There is a dissatisfaction in the relationship
  • You have no time for each other
  • Your partner loses interest in you and finds happiness elsewhere
  • The love and spark in the relationship start to vanish away. 

How to Control it? 

There are ways where you can avoid the phone rule over your relationship. Make sure you follow these simple rules:

  • Have phone free time and spend the entire time with your partner.
  • Avoid taking phone to your bedroom and be all ears to your partner. There are chances he/she would want to share something in bed.
  • Avoid checking your phone all the time, especially when someone is talking to you. Be attentive!
  • Don’t use mobile phones while having your meal with your partner. Focus on eating and have healthy discussions with your beloved.

These are the simple ways you can avoid phubbing in your life. If you are a victim of this, then ask your partner to follow these, else if you phub your partner then it is time to bring the magic back in your relationship by giving time to each other. Go save your relationship before phubbing becomes a part of it.

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