Ladies, Strictly Avoid Doing These Things With Your Partner’s Testicles!


Firstly there is nothing to be ashamed of because testicles are a part of man’s body. And they hold equal importance as compared to other body parts.

I’ve observed many are keener into talking about how good or bad the sex is or how to improve the sex-life and even what all things need to be avoided while having sex.

But, there’s always one major thing missing and that is the talk of “testicles” or simply say “balls”. Cmon! Many women enjoy playing with ‘em whereas others find it gross. (It depends)

So today, this content will provide you an answer regarding how to enjoy sex by not doing these things with your man’s testicles. The reason you must stop doing these things is because it might hurt his private part and that’s really horrible.

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  1. Don’t talk bad about it

Yeah, as I mentioned above there are many who are not-interested in their man’s balls. And the reason is they find ‘em gross. But ladies, what if men pass comments on your balls saying the exact gross thing that you do. How will you feel? So by keeping this in mind just don’t “talk shit” about his balls.

  1. No ball-hitting

If you have been doing this “ball-hitting” process then stop it now. Even though he might not tell you to stop it but when a lady is hitting or smacking their part then they are actually going through the PAIN.

  1. No squeezing at all

Man! Don’t even think about doing it. Balls are like with a tagline “Handle with care” so don’t squeeze it at all because that might create a trouble in paradise. (You know what I mean)

  1. No biting

Ladies, sucking is cool but biting it hard will turn everything upside down. And by sucking too I mean “don’t suck ‘em too hard” but just be calm and go smoothly.

  1. No pulling

You certainly don’t have to pull them because babe it’s not a rope so before even thinking to do such crazy sh*t -just be smart.

  1. Twist…Twist…No Twisting!

Alright! You might enjoy playing with them but that doesn’t mean that you will twist them hard. Understand- a lot of twisting will result into causing pain and then it’s just “too-hard-to-handle”.

  1. Do not ignore

Be a little smart! Man don’t like when you roll your eyes or simply ignore their balls whatever your reason might be. Just don’t ignore them and accept it naturally by doing something or the other. (Not necessarily sucking)

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