Naughty Questions For Shy Girls That Will Lead To Love Making

questions for shy girls

Questions for shy girls – The best way to heat up the atmosphere in bedroom is by talking all dirty.

By the way it will not only heat up things will also help you in strengthening your bond with your partner.

So, worried what to start how to start and what to say, well fret not here is the list of questions so decide your pick and make the night raunchy and kinky.

Questions for shy girls –

  • “My night dresses are in laundry” and seriously nothing to wear at all, so can I try your shirt? By the way only shirt?

So, put on his shirt and nothing else and he will be all yours.

  • Did you ever go to strip club? What you like about it?

If he says yes show him your skills of stripping and dancing. If he says no then make him experience a strip show in your room itself. Ok girls be prepared before asking this question with all clothing to just make him mad. You know what it will head to right? (Wink)

  • I think you look very hot in this blue Tee but you look even hotter without that?

Trust me in no time the T-shirt will come up and his eyes would all be lust filled.

  • Where do you like to get touched?

That is it, things will turn kinky with this girls!

  • Baby I can’t reach my back can you apply soap there?

Girls get ready for some shower s** after this question

  • Should I sleep in night gown, pajama, lingerie or N***?

Don’t we know he would prefer nothing and you know why right?

  • Baby you seem to be too tired let me give you a body massage?

Massage will make him super hot and then a hot session.

  • Honey, would you want to see the new lacy lingerie I bought online, how it looks on me?

Trust me no man will say no.

  • Baby let’s play a game who ever answers wrong any question will have to rip 1-1-1 piece of clothing, ok?

Whoever loses in both of you ultimately you will win girls you know why naa? Your purpose will be served!

  • Baby do you like the dirty talks?

Off course he will and once you start he will end at what you know? Wink!

So, these were few questions for shy girls who can’t express their S**ual desires. Trust me these will work like magic and will lead to wild night!

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