Why One Should Pursue An Internship While In College Or At University


In the search of success, one in hurry chase for stars meanwhile they forget about the moon which sprinkles its entire shinny glaze to universe and stars in small quantity twinkles lightly.

From above to read between the lines objected in this wide competitive world to take up arms for his/her career.

Before stepping into professional world, one must have an overview of the surroundings, loads of work, patience to handle if you are in a tight corner and many more that creates a thick wall around you.

After that, it pushes you to survive and put your heart and soul to your work.

Here above, stars are the internships that are over head and ears available in any sort of field you want to get into like management, media, electronic and etc are in a bulk is waiting for you to Work in.

And here moon, is the centre of attraction of the topic i.e. JOB.

In sky, moon is surrounded by infinite number of stars. So, it is very difficult to chase for moon because the hurdles or lesson giving chapters are in its way. Before chasing for moon one will chase for stars. Here also, the student before entering into his/her professional world now a day’s chasing for stars to make his/her backbone stronger.

The stronger the field would be, the stronger the backbone would be to chase the moon. In this world we are surrounded by many materialistic things but here we didn’t knew that somewhere or the other the experience matters that we call it as power to  knowledge.  The source to our field and the hard work will tell you about where you stand in the race for moon.

The performance matters and the value to knowledge matters the most.

To earn is to living and to knowledge is to intake properties in you. Internship enhances your hidden skills and polishes your learning process to give better result at the end of the day. Also after getting experience as an intern you must be confident enough to walk through the way and cross it smoothly with your head high.

Likewise, today  every student want to spend their summer holidays to grasp something new in spite of sitting at home and keep on changing the channels  to pass your time.

Now a days, youth is more energetic and find some innovative ideas by itself to provide something new to the field with their hidden talent.

With the help of internships student are learning to blow one’s trumpet of success because in internship you will be fully furnish by the surrounding and work that has to be taken up by you as a job. After stepping out from internship, you are ready to come off with flying colours.

Now, you are ready to chase for MOON to be fit to hold a candle to your working life.

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