Even After Everything, I Still Think About You

Loving you

Loving you was my choice but when you left for your own good, I really felt alone.

When you came in my life, I tried to resist myself from loving you. But I guess your charm was way too much for a person like me to resist from.

Yes, it all felt right when I was with you because I was fooled by your wicked games.

Who knew that life would take such a turn that you’ll leave me all betrayed.

Falling in love with you was easy because I believed in everything you were telling me. But then it all went off one day and you showed me what the difference between reality and assumptions is. I loved you each and every second when we were together. In fact, the love inside my heart is still there even after it is tired of fighting with your hatred.

When you left me for yourself, I felt like hating you.

I seriously wanted to end everything and take a revenge or something but I guess I was way too much in love with you. I tried to forget you, hate you and delete all the memories that you left inside my head but everything just seemed impossible. I convinced myself that you didn’t love me at all and that should probably never think about you, but the heart wants it wants.

There are times when each and every moment that we had spent together reflects right in front of me.

I just feel like holding the time where it is in my dreams and live with you there if possible. Now, for man who loved more women than just I and the man who thought of me as just a time pass, it is a hard feeling to come up. But as I mentioned earlier, your love is toxic and it is impossible for people like me to get over it.

My friends keep telling me ways to forget you and how wrong I am to love a man who has not given me anything in return.

Yes, it hurts a lot when my heart beats go fast listening to your name and if could, I’d fix that and turn all this love into hatred.

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