5 Women Reveal Truth About Their Experience Of A Live-in Relationship

Live in relationships

Live in relationships are subjective in nature and very common than we think.

The urban India is becoming broad minded and the obviously there is western influence. Teenagers want an independent life and are moving out of their homes at early age because they want to live with their partners or alone.

But is it really a good idea?

Early stage of life living with your partner? Well, everything in this world has positive and negative impact. So as live in relationships.

Complications are involved in every relationship whether it is marriage or live-in. the difference between both is; in marriage you are bound to your partner but in live-in you can be relationship as long as you want.

But, the main problem of a live-in relationship is that they are not socially acceptable in India. And if you are living with a person of opposite sex outside of marriage, things are even more difficult or not accepted in the society.

Live in relationships are very personal and subjective matter which might be work for one person and not for others.

Here are some 5 real life experiences shared by women that reveal the truth behind the live in relationship.

  1. “I was in live in relationship throughout my college life of 5-6 years. We lived together laughed together share each and everything with each other and it was beautiful. 6 years later, he is my lawfully weeded husband and the father of my children’s.”
  1. “Two years in a live-in relationship I realized that he was anti social and super boring! I dumped him and have no regret…”
  1. “We had to lie to all our house owners because live-in equal devil worship…”
  1. “I lived in with my boyfriend for 8 years without his parent’s knowledge. During the 8 year, his parents began to hunt for girls. He couldn’t build up courage to tell them about us and we end up. I was initially shattered, but when I look back, I feel like I was saved from a spineless man!”
  1. “There are days when he gets on every nerve of mine, but we make it up with amazing sex in every corner of our messed up home.”

These are Live in relationships experiences – If you are thinking of moving on with our partner before that keeps all this negatives and positive points in your mind.

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