5 Things Intelligent Flirts Do

Flirting is audacious and crafty so it is not everybody’s wheelhouse to flirt. Not flirting doesn’t make you a saint and flirting doesn’t make you a whore because when you are in a relationship, it is called flirting and when you are single, it can be termed as being friendly. Flirting opens the window to deeper conversations and is a sinful virtue in itself. However, intelligent flirts and those who lack the sense of aesthetics are diametrical. Here are some examples how an intelligent and intellectual flirt will treat you if he likes you:

He will want to know your personal choices:

Intelligence is somewhat earned. A person who is an avid reader, watcher of good movies or listener of good music knows his camp. He will weigh your intelligence beyond your dress sense and as the obvious questions about your likes and dislikes in books, music and movies.

They will see through people that don’t subscribe to their standard:

Intelligent people are mostly snobbish because they always have their wit pat. It is hence a complete turn off for an intelligence person to strike a conversation with someone who is one brick short of a full load, no matter how visually appealing their looks are.

He will give you veiled compliments:

An intelligent flirt will always leave a room for guessing which is obviously their strategy to judge your intelligence. They will never say obvious things like, “You breathe oxygen? Me too, we have so much in common”.  They will use more metaphors while passing on compliments.

He will stare at you:

When you catch him staring at you and stealing glances in a party or room full of people, know for sure you caught his fancy.

They will bring you thoughtful gifts:

Intelligent people are always observant, they will always have an idea of what excites you and pamper you with the most thoughtful gift you have ever got.

Intelligent flirts have high standards but when they are besotted, they sweep you off your feet.

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