Guys Want Only Sex Or Is There A Deeper Need In A Relationship?


Sex is the basic need!

Now that’s something we all know, but very few are bold enough to admit it openly.

In our country, sex is still taboo and talking about it in public is still considered to be disrespectful and embarrassing for most of us. Therefore when there is a lot of noise around that men only think about sex, men only want to bed women instead of being in a steady loyal relationship, men are only womanizers, it all sounds kind of shocking!

It is obvious that women are making all these comments and to be fair to the fairer sex, some men do fall in such categories. But isn’t generalizing a massive mistake? Not everyone is equal and not all men are same.

For some, sex is the only criteria for selecting a partner and might not think twice before sleeping around multiple women, but there are also men who stay loyal to their partners till they are together and are a couple.

It is a myth that only guys have high sex drives and women hardly want it! In fact both the sexes need it, just that the urge for it differs at different ages for both men and women. For example, men are high on sex right from their teenage and start slowing down by their mid or end 30’s after which they stabilize. However, for women the sexual urges start peaking after early 30’s and reaches its pinnacle towards late 30’s and early 40’s. This is the time when most men want more from their relationships in terms of compatibility and stability rather than just some action in bed. Of course that’s part of their demand list too, but it is not the be all and end all of everything.

Men are human beings too and we all are born with a basic set of emotions. Some of these emotions are hidden or suppressed since childhood owing to the set pattern of society and by the rules formed to guide how a man should lead his life. Sometimes it’s the peer pressure that makes a less self-aware man only seek sex when in reality his needs are more on the emotional level. Men who are violent in sexual relationships do it to satisfy some hidden need since childhood or to release some stress that is being built up owing to their incompetency elsewhere in life. Obviously it is not acceptable and such people should be punished for their acts. But the point is that our society doesn’t teach men how to deal with their emotions. Men are only taught to be strong, brave and courageous. When such men are faced with subtle or different emotions than these, they don’t know what to do! The result is expressing their power and authority by way of sex!

Sex is also a way of satisfying their egos that depend on how much sex they do and with how many girls! It is more of a peer pressure and society’s demand that a man is proven to be a man only if he is a bull in bed!

The real need for men in any relationship is to be loved, appreciated, cared and respected. But that is what anybody wants, male or female, right?

Only if men are taught from childhood to stay in touch with their emotional side and be ready to accept their weaknesses without falling for the need to constantly prove how manly they are, would they be able to live a complete life without giving the impression of being sexual freaks!

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