Those Everlasting Words That Could Make Your First Date Special!

special someone

How do you feel when you are finally going out on a date with that special someone?

It is like a long time wish that comes true and you want to be the best on your first date, special someone. Many of them believe first impression is the last impression and the wait before the first date to happen is full of anxieties with numerous butterflies in your stomach.

Much has been talked about the dress-up and grooming tips of a person on a first date, we tell you how to play with words and impress your special someone with your intelligence and woo them with those magical words.

Communication is very important that keeps relationship going and is the base of every relation. Words one said cannot be taken back and so you need to be a little sensible while you talk to the person.

Compliment the person

When you take a girl out for a date, do not forget to compliment your special someone. But make sure you are not faking it. Honest compliments are the key to your successful date. You don’t need to overdo it but make sure you make them comfortable in your company and spend a lovey time. It is not necessary that you compliment on their physical appearance only, but can be based on the observations.


Be a little witty

Being humorous can never go wrong. Woman always love a man having a wit. It actually adds to his intelligence quotient. Women always prefer a man who can make her smile or laugh not only when she fells low but at any random moment. So being witty on your first date can really help you earn some brownie points, leaving your lady love with a big smile on her lovely face.


Life and its philosophy

It’s very important to share your perspective towards life with your date. It leads to some real good, healthy and deep conversations. Life is a vast subject and some sensible talks on it can really help you understand the other person better. After all every person’s ultimate goal is to lead a meaningful and happy life.


Keep it simple.

Keep it simple and sweet. Talk about the simple things in life, about your interests, passions and goal in life. It’s a date; you don’t need to discuss rocket science. You just need to go with flow and enjoy the lovely moments with your date.


Taking care about the above points of what to talk and what not to talk, you can easily win over the heart of your special someone and hope you have one of the best dates.

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