This Video in Youtube Will Perfectly Sum up The First Date Blunders That We All Do

First date blunders

First date blunders – Beyounick is a new Youtube program that has created quite a stir in the social media.

It’s the age and time when online streaming is held in higher regard than the television ones so there was no better option than Youtube and they started to steal the thunder of the You Tube dinosaurs already. For your knowledge, Beyounick has recreated ‘The Neelam Show’ from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai which made us pretty nostalgic. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is our alltime mood lifter and not to mention, the particular Neelam Show was its life blood.

We all, as a kid pretended to be little Anjali by folding news-paper and talk like we were some host in a live show.


First date blunders – This video perfectly sums up when two opposites date and definitely don’t attract. This is so us, seeing things from rose tinted glasses and when reality starts to unfurl, we get the cringe!

BYN has availed many such relatable and hilarious videos in YouTube which are, in fact trending on social media like a rage.

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