8 Reasons Why Dating A Short Guy Is Never Awkward !

Dating A Short Guy

“Dating A Short Guy”

There are many women who think dating a short guy is like carrying an embarrassment. Are you one of ‘em? Even though you are; the fact that the short guys are cute is never ever going to change.

And something more to add; I feel that short guys stands out to be perfect boyfriends as well. Frankly, there are girls who completely hesitate dating a short guy even though they have feelings.

Trust me it really happens.

Girls, you don’t necessarily need a tall guy to fulfill your dreams because to be honest short guys can make you feel happy and pretty as well.

So just stop killing your heart whenever you fall for a short guy and just go ahead and date him.

Here are some more reasons why you MUST definitely date a short guy.

  1. You can give up on wearing heels

Many girls tend to wear heels only because their boyfriend is 6 ft tall. I know you want to look a little tall in front of him but many women tend to wear heels even though they don’t want to. So this one’s for you ladies: if you date a short guy then you don’t have to worry about wearing heels.

You can just go on with him wearing your flats and feel comfortable.

  1. Short guys are sexy too

If you only want a guy because he is SEXY then hello- A short guy can be sexy too. Cmon! Just Google Bruno Mars and Usher (Wink!)

  1. They are full of self-confidence

I know you might think even tall guys are confident but in the case of short guys; they are confident in a way that they feel comfortable in their short body.

Yes many women go on ditching ‘em but their self-confidence never fades and also they make their partner feel confident too. Now that’s great!

  1. They are healthier and have LLE

LLE … they have “Longer Life Expectancy” which is totally good.

According to the study; shorter men live long as compared to tall ones and are also said to be healthier.

  1. Kissing is absolutely EASY

WOW! Now that’s undeniably great. If a guy is tall enough then you literally have to stand on your toes. Right? But if you date a short guy; you clearly don’t have to put that effort.

Let him do it for you (Wink!)

  1. You can stand TALL and be proud of it

I mean it is quite obvious, if you date a shortie then you can surely feel like a supermodel. And one more thing; you can break all the stereotypes- You know dating someone who is 6 ft tall and etc.

  1. They pay attention towards you

Yes, they really do. Short guys are more likely to make you feel happy about yourself and they pay attention to every-thing that you have to say.

  1. They are funny

Short guys never leave a chance to make their girlfriends laugh. And even though you joke about their height I bet they’ll take it casually and they’ll laugh on it too.

Well, that’s what makes them so damn special.

Anything that you would like to add? Leave a comment below.

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