10 Signs That You Have a Control Freak Boyfriend

Being in love in the beautiful feeling ever but being in love with a fault-finding someone is equally draining. Not necessarily your boyfriend is as fussy about everything else or a perfectionist, it’s just that he wants to patronize the ways you lead your life. No, don’t lose heart already, we are not signalling that he doesn’t love you; maybe he is over protective or has least respect for your reasoning skills. Just that, his ways are a little bossy, snooty and interfering which demands your personal space. So, here are some tell-tale signs you have a control freak boyfriend:

He scoffs at your ‘girls’ night out’ plans:

He always has an issue with hanging out with your girl squad because he thinks they might brainwash you against him. Thinking the extreme comes to him instinctively because he will overly possessive about you and thinks he deserves more attention than you give your girlfriends.

He is like a human satellite to you:

He always keeps himself updated on your plans and cross-questions every time to find you fumble. He constantly checks on you, even when you are at work and he knows it, much to your annoyance.

His decisions reign supreme:

He is bossy in nature so he likes to decide everything around or related to you. He decides your clothes, food, and even the quantity of time you will devote to your mother. That’s eerie!

You can’t even stare at other boys:

You never share a story of how you drooled over a hot boy you saw at the morning commute or how someone really classy buzzed you in the social media. He will see red from the merest mention of other boys from your mouth because he things you ONLY belong to him.

You are constantly in fear:

Forget being social, you can’t even be yourself with him around. You are always behaving like someone you are not and there is no breathing space in the relationship. Worse, you are a different person with your friends and your behaviour changes remarkably when he bursts into scene.

He misbehaves with your friends:

He has a rulebook set for you and friends are always coaxing you to stay longer. To make his rules persist, he can even misbehave with your friends and never apologize.

He is chronically critical:

He is always critical about everything you do and never seems to boosts your morale when you are down as he is under the belief that it might lower his status in your eyes and you can just start taking him for granted.

His care is conditional:

He only adores you when you adhere to his rules like a good girl. He doesn’t cotton to the rebel version of you and when that side of you emerges, he completely withdraws or picks up an ugly duel.

He is a mobile log-book of events:

He keeps track of every bad emotional interaction, fights, and arguments in your relationship and uses them against you in the opportune moment.

He is hyper jealous:

His jealousy and possessiveness about you can be flattering at the beginning but it starts to suffocate you gradually until you decide to call it quits finally. It becomes scary when he is violently possessive and starts viewing even friendly gestures of your to others as flirtatious.

These are the 10 things you are bound to notice in your boyfriend if he is control freak.

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