5 Bro-Code Rules That All Boys Must Know About

Bro-Code rules

Bro-Code Rules – The bond that guy friends have is one of a kind.

To be honest, it is not at all like the one we girls have as it’s much more cooler whether you agree or not.

A group of guy friends is like a brotherhood and that’s why they follow the bro-code.

Well, there are some major bro-code rules that every guy in the group has to follow in order to keep the friendship strong. I am sure, you remember that it originated in ‘How I met your mother’ by Barney Stinson.

So, let’s have a look at some of the bro-code rules that all boys must know about:

Bro-Code Rules –

1. Never tell the truth to his parents

So, whenever your bro’s parents call you and ask you about him, you are always supposed to tell a lie. Even if he is not with you, it’s your duty to have his back always. Because a bro in need, is a bro indeed.

2. Never flirt with his girlfriend

A true bro never hits on his bro’s girlfriend or have any sort of relation with her except calling her bhabhi. Though it’s funny at times, it is widely followed by a lot of boys.

3. Never hide anything from him

Your bro means more to you than anyone else in this world and you just cannot hide anything from him. Whether it is your crush on someone or something wrong that you have done, he deserves to know each and everything.

4. Always help him in impressing a girl

Come on, it’s like your duty to help your bro impress the girl that he has been dying for. After all, you are the only cupid that he has in his life and it’s completely like you were born for this work.

5. Defend him in front of his girl

Whenever your bro’s girlfriend complaints of anything in front of you, it’s your responsibility to not get carried away and defend him with best possible reasons. You know that’s how you save two relations – your friendship and his love.

So, when you follow all these bro-code rules, you become eligible to be an important part of the bro-world. Trust me, it’s much better than the outer world.

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