10 People Reveal The Brutally Honest Reasons They Broke Up With Their Partner!

Breakup Reasons

Breakup Reasons – Breaking up a relationship is hard, right? But, breaking it up for the right reason is not that hard but a little painful. Sometimes you date a person, and you spend time with them, and you try to make it last forever. But, sometimes, things go wrong i.e. one person cheat or becomes too violent etc and it becomes really hard to survive in a relationship.

Recently, on Reddit, a question was asked to both the gender about “why they divorced their partner” – Yes, divorced. People were honest and many answered about what went wrong in their relationship.

Let’s take a look at it (Breakup Reasons)

  1. To be brutally honest: When I felt a twinge of jealously for a friend of mine who had been recently widowed. I thought, “She got out the easy way…” That is when I realized my marriage was toxic / abusive and began to detach.
  2. Holding a knife to my throat did it for me.
  3. When I found out, the day after our one-year wedding anniversary, that he was cheating on me (AGAIN), this time with his best friend’s girlfriend. Looking back he was a complete sociopath who used gas lighting to keep me around for 7 years while he fucked whoever he could, including other men he met on Craigslist.
  4. When she staged a robbery of our house so she could pawn all of my shit for drug money.
  5. When I found evidence of the last affair. As soon as I heard it, I knew that was the end, and there would never be anything else there.
  6. When I found the letter between her and my friend about their affair and how she couldn’t wait to be away from me so they could be together….. yup… I knew then, that it was time to get that divorce.
  7. When the cops showed up and arrested me while I was washing dishes. Found out after being taken to the station that she had claimed that I had been beating on her and my five year old son. Was acquitted in court a month or so later. The situation was so messed up that the cops actually testified on my behalf.
  8. I was unhappy for a while, but I didn’t want to throw away 5 years. The moment is when I made the decision that I’d rather throw away 5 years and not the rest of my life.
  9. Walking down the aisle. It wasn’t so much anything he’d done right at that minute, but walking down I knew I was making a mistake and we’d eventually be getting divorced.
  10. When I met his girlfriend in a department store using MY credit card to furnish her apartment.

Breakup Reasons – This was all about why people left their partner and moved on in life. You know, some things that take place in life only encourage us to move on in life and these reasons prove it.

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