Why Is Parineeti Chopra Even Thinking Of Leaving Bollywood?

We Talk about Parineeti Chopra’s recent statement that in case her career nosedives in Bollywood, she has a plan B of going back to her original employer, the banking sector.

Okay, okay guys don’t get restless.

Take a deep breath, control your emotions, and calm down!

It is just a thought that Parineeti Chopra shared while promoting her TV debut on Zee TV’s upcoming reality show, India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj! In the company of Ayushmann Khuranna, she will be mentoring the aspirants taking part in the show to help them realize their bolly-dreams! While talking to the press she mentioned that in case she fails as an actress, she might go back to her original career choice, banking industry! Crazy thoughts, right?

Come on Pari, you have just started your journey in this glamour world and what a journey it is turning out to be! Whether her films work or not, she surely is noticed for her vivacious bubbly nature, her acting abilities and that curvaceous hot bod that makes men drool like dogs! Why to crush the dreams and fantasies of millions of men and lead them to extinction just by talking about quitting? The only good thing that can happen if she goes back to banking industry is that she will come closer to her fans; many men might be able to see her in real life. What a feast to eyes! But why should such a pleasure be for only few of them, let her stay in Bollywood so everyone can enjoy her beauty as well as talent, right, guys?


However, this statement of hers also tells something deep and interesting about the person she is. At least she is unlike many of her senior and some of the small-time actresses who settled down with rich industrialists and businessmen as soon as their careers nose-dived. It is good to know that she is not considering her stint as a leading actress just to find a suitable filthy rich groom for her. This also reflects in the choice of films she acts in. They are not regular run of the mill stuff, have strong female character based roles and bring freshness to overall movie-viewing experience! Despite the sensible different cinema she is doing, it still has oodles of glamour and sensuality to make men go weak in their knees. It won’t be wrong to say that there will be serpentine queues of men going on their knees in case she is considering getting proposals!

For now, she is busy with two movies, Daawat-e-Ishq and Kill Dil, while making her TV debut on this new show where she candidly admits that she isn’t qualified to be a mentor, but can only share her experiences. Now who in his sane mind wouldn’t just love to get few tips from the hot and happening Parineeti Chopra! Who knows, her Midas touch might make a career or two!

All those aspirants with sparkling dreams of fame and success in their eyes get ready to spend some glorious precious moments in the company of hot and sultry, Parineeti Chopra!

As for her, we only wish that she climbs the ladder of success like no one else did and stays in our hearts forever.

Your beauty is admired Parineeti and your talent, respected!

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