A Boy – Sexually Assaulted By A Teenage Girl – Shared His Secret With The World !

Boy Sexually Assaulted By A Teenage Girl

This is a story of a boy sexually assaulted by a teenage girl.

We all have secrets in our life and it’s not easy for many of us to let it out.

Some people tell it to their best friends, some people tell it to their diaries and some just take it to their grave with them. But what if you get a chance to share your secret with the whole world and you can be assured that nobody will know who you are.

A story of a boy sexually assaulted by a teenage girl. Yes, someone did get the chance to share his secret anonymously and what he told everyone will leave you in thoughts.

“I was sexually exploited by neighborhood teenage girl.
I was 7 years old. I had good time playing with other kids near my home. I always use to stalk into my neighbor’s home for playing carom board. We had a good time playing it. She(X) was 17 or 18 year old I guess. It so happened one day that I didn’t go to school and eventually X’s parent were not there. That day she insisted on playing some other game. I trusted her a lot. She later stripped(naked) and started making different animal’s sound to surprise me, I was in a dilemma what kind of game is it. She said it’s a secret game and not to tell anyone about it. She made me do all sexual instincts, and I was fooled enough to believe it was just a game nothing bad.
This was not the worst part happened but out of foolishness and utter ignorance I rather tried the game on other girls of my age that time.

Till 10 or 11 I never regarded the game as wrong. I was becoming a pervert without my knowledge. Thanks to my high school teachers who made me understand what’s wrong with me.

I regret and curse my foolish behavior. Though I never met any of them as I moved to other city.

Now I understand why a teenager or perhaps children indulge in horrific rapes. I think children are the most vulnerable, yet most valuable asset of the society. Parents/Society shall at least teach children about good and bad touch.

Now I am 22 year old, I never had sex. I made it clear to myself that I will be “one woman guy”. I restrained myself to hugs and kisses with my ex-girlfriend even when she was comfortable having sex. I think most of my obsession with porn or masturbation is still due to that incident.”

This is the way a boy sexually assaulted by a teenage girl. As a society, we all think that women are always the ones who are victims but boys aren’t facing any less.

Every parent needs to make sure that their children are safe and that can be done if they communicate everyday with their children about what they did. I am sure they will come across the things their children are facing and it will save their life from being destroyed.

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