Know These 5 Things Before You Bump Into Dating Someone With A Big-Age Difference!

Big-age difference

Big-age difference always spoils a relationship.

No, don’t get yourself trapped into that MYTH.

It all depends!! Relationship and age difference is something that I guess will never fade away. Right before getting into a relationship, there are many (Including you, maybe) who think “age-difference” matters equally. But sometimes, when you deeply fall in love with someone, who is older or younger than you, you just have no control over you. And, that’s when your heart keeps telling you to give that Big-age difference – relationship a shot.

Frankly, if you’re going through it at this moment then don’t let it go because LOVE is what matters most.

Plus, ignore the myth and yeah, make up your mind with these serious five things.

  1. AGE is just a number

Suppose you’re dating a guy who is 7 years younger than you, then as expected there are people who will joke about it and you know, they might make you feel miserable about you (Society!!) but don’t get into losing hope.

Always remember- Age is just a number and love and understanding is what matters the most. In simple words, f*ck what others have to say.

  1. You will have a hard time to deal with feelings

Maturity will play a big role in a big-age difference and it is common that sacrifice will not be possible all the time. You know, it will be hard at first to understand their feelings (especially when your partner is young)

So, don’t give it up because of difference in generations.

  1. An older mind doesn’t mean a PERFECTIONIST

Even though your partner is older than you (10 years) don’t expect ‘em to be a perfectionist or a good scorer in understanding you. Every relationship grows in a way you treat each other so don’t expect too much because of age.

  1. Things might seem AWKWARD

Suppose you just started your relationship, and then in order to know each-other, things might seem awkward based on the interests. So, simply get ready to face it because 12-20 year age old gap comes with a lot of surprises.

  1. Issues will arise

You will have many issues and strong debates on certain things where your thoughts won’t match. But c’mon, it happens in every relationship, so please don’t take it as a BIG DEAL and don’t blame it all on your AGE.

When a trouble pops in, solve ‘em all.

Many people don’t think big-age relationship will work but thinking is just one side and experiencing it is another. In fact, when you experience, you realize that “age is just a number” and nothing else. Plus, don’t even think about what society has to say because they’ll always have things to talk, even though you marry someone with a same-age.

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