Being Mysterious Attracts Women! So, Here Are 6 Tips That Will Help You Be A “Mystery Guy”!

Being Mysterious Attracts Women

“Being Mysterious Attracts Women”

Being mysterious to women is a style of winning her heart. Don’t you agree? I’ll guess you do.

When it comes to attract a girl or grab her maximum interest; many men tend to use this trick of playing a “mystery guy”. You know, they simply don’t reveal everything about themselves and act a little bit cool.

In the wake of acting up as a “mysterious type” some men really WIN hearts whereas some really fail to impress a girl. So, all the failed ones and “trying to be mysterious” one; here are few tips you must follow to make her stick around you. (Wink!)

  1. Talk Less!!

The one thing you must do is “talk less and keep your ears open”.

I mean, keep yourself a bit more private e.g. if she asks you “how was your day”; just don’t go on spilling all the beans. Instead, reveal less because “less is more”. Don’t go on talking and keep things private as well.

Doing so will excite her to talk to you more and more.

  1. Be intellectual

Whenever you start talking, make sure she notices your intellectualism. Girls like guys who are silent and do stuff with full understanding.

So act up a bit more in that way and observe what she says.

  1. Be charismatic

Act natural and hold onto your charismatic personality.

Don’t try to act it up if you’re not really great into doing that. Just be good to yourself and showcase your real attitude instead of throwing up a fake one and be in your own world as in don’t let others tell you what you need to do.

  1. Don’t run behind her

Whenever she calls you up saying let’s go here & there; don’t say “yes” directly. Just act a little bit busy kinda guy or tell her you have already made a plan to go out.

This will indirectly make her chase you & she’ll try harder to find out what’s more important in your life etc etc.

  1. Unpredictability is a tool

Yes, be unpredictable to her and make it easy. Do not act the same way; twist up a little bit and bring change in your behavior and surprise her by doing something that seems to be totally unexpected.

This will make her feel special and yes, she will be impressed.

  1. Do not let HER control you

Play it cool in your way and do not let her control any of your actions. Be mysterious and do you own thing by keeping her excited.

Now that you are aware with tips; share them with people who believe “Being mysterious attracts women”. (Wink!)

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