These Things Only Those Beauty With Brains Will Understand

Girls that are blessed with a beautiful face and badass determination are the most lethal combination that mercilessly intimidate. A woman’s existence is always kept on the edge of testosterone and their intelligence is not what they have been valued for. If women have been so far only been associated with beauty, then a brain is the most beautiful part of her body which makes her a femme-fatale. While a wrong man will mope about everything that intimidates him in her, a right man will instantaneously love them all. Here are some crazy things only that beauty with brains out there will understand:

You are always hard to please:

You are often touted as snooty, a little cocky because you are very hard to please. You are allergic to poor sense of humour and people who are fickle. You like to delve deep into every matter and want to know people beyond the chances of dating.

You are an old soul:

You are off the internet acronym block and don’t type ‘You’, ‘U’ and you don’t care how much it makes you look old school. There is caffeine flowing in your veins and you are a very good conversationalist. Actually you send long texts to people you like.

You are not emotionally weak:

You have a radar set for fuckboys and don’t give in emotionally easily. You know things because you are intuitive. You are never rude but sarcastic. Also, ignorance is your best weapon when others push you into the saturation point because you value your mental peace over trying to prove yourself.

You are a great and fast learner:

You learn very quickly from your follies and try to correct your shortcomings. But obviously, never require someone else’s approval. If someone compliments you on your beauty, you examine him if he has equal admiration for your knowledge.

You build others up:

You have a kind word for everyone and people turn to you for comfort. However you are truly choosy about who truly deserves your proximity, both physical and mental. You are honest to the point of madness. To yourself and to others.

These are the five crucial character points of a woman who is not only beautiful but also brutally insightful.

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