What A Girl Thinks Vs. What A Guy Thinks About Hook Up !

A Girl Thinks Vs What A Guy Thinks

A Girl Thinks Vs What A Guy Thinks – To be honest, sometimes, when we are really frustrated with life, we wish for some amount of intimacy. Frankly, our wishes are not granted always but sometimes, sometimes the universe does bless us!

Girls and guys are poles apart. While girls tend to over think almost all situations, guys usually have a one-track mind. Let’s go over what goes on in their minds

A Girl Thinks Vs What A Guy Thinks –

  • The start-up

Girl: I can’t even remember the last time I held hands with a guy, Gawd!!!

Guy: I really need to get some action, dude!

  • The clock ticks on…

Girl: Okay, that’s enough. I just have to get back to practice. This is ludicrous!

Guy: Let’s see. That girl from my Ex’s group! Spitfire! Name…?

  • The plan

Girl: hey, remember that hottie from B’s party last month? How’s he like?

Guy: Let’s get together for a booze party. It’s been ages!

  • The party begins

Girl: Oh good! He’s come. God is good!

Guy: Slam dunk! She’s here!

  • Getting to know

Girl: I need tequila if I am going to do this!

Guy: I need tequila if I am going to do this!

  • Touching base (Looking for privacy!)

Girl: Finally, we are alone. Do I look okay?

Guy: Finally, I am going to get some action!

  • Taking the first step

Girl: Oh man, does my mouth stink from all the tequila?

Guy: Okay, that was enough kissing. Can we move on, now?

  • Second base

Girl: Okay, he’s now caressing my boobs. Do I have on the sexy bra?

Guy: that’s a lot of going handy. We can now move on to something that no longer requires our hands, may be..

  • Smack dab in the middle of it

Girl: so this it then. Let’s think, do I reallyyyy want this?

Guy: Okay, so now it’s time for the real show!

  • Does it happen?

Girl: Nah, i guess i am too drunk to be thinking straight.

Guy: Whoa, that’s plain KLPD!

  • Morning

Girl: Oh my, what was I thinking last evening?

Guy: What really happened last night?

  • Sometime later..

Girl: What if he calls? Would he call?

Guy: Who ate the remaining of my pizza?

  • Finally

Girl: I kissed a guy after soooo long. That’s not bad!

Guy: I got to get some action, dude! *calls up a different friend to plan another party*

This is what A Girl Thinks Vs What A Guy Thinks – Like I said, before, over thinking kind of ruins it for the girls and of course, the men will be men!

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