27 And Still Not Married? Read To Know How You Can Tackle Such Questions!

An unmarried woman

After a particular age, a girl’s private life becomes a public affair. Oh yes I forgot she needs to conceive and hence the rush.

Well motherhood is the most amazing thing ever but it is completely the wish and desire of an individual to be or not to be a mom.

Rushing and putting the peer pressure and constantly reminding a girl of her growing age is really not a very healthy practice and should be stopped.

The famous song ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahengey’ is so apt even in this generation. People seriously are so jobless that someone’s private life becomes their sole concern.

After a certain age if you are unmarried then attending a marriage function/ family gathering/ funeral…be it any occasion people somehow find some or the other unique way to start talking about your marriage.

The famous question comes, so what are you up to these days…when are you getting married???

You feel ughhh. The only way you avoid this question is either wear a smile or say soon you would inform them. The most cliché dialogue is to say that you are waiting for the right man.

Damn if you happen to say that dialogue then there is a serious consultation process where you would be grilled to death about there isn’t any right and wrong and you need to settle down immediately.

The kind of situations that an unmarried girl faces can be extreme. Marriages and family gatherings are the favorite spots where you would easily be the ‘bakra’ if you are unmarried.

There would be constant taunts, “tera number kab aayega.” Slightly older women would resort to “haay teri shaadi ke baad main chain se mar sakti hoon.”

It is baffling to me how a girl’s marriage is inversely proportional to someone’s life. Anyways when an elderly person uses this famous line of emotionally making you weak then you also play the emotional card and say that you don’t wish her death sooner and hence you are delaying the marriage.

Indian household is all about melodrama. You need to master the art of tickling the emoticons and you are set to tackle all your problems.

Sometimes apart from relatives you might even find your boss inquisitive about your marital status.

“By when do you plan to get married or are you going to marry soon?” These are very common trademark questions in any interview.

Politely ask the HR or whoever asks you this thing that if the job credentials require any specific household skill. Act baffled and shocked and revert asking the connection between the job profile and your marriage plans.

Your attitude will make it clear that you wish to draw a thick line between your personal and professional life and you won’t entertain such questions.

Sometimes random people also seem to take a very keen interest in your love affairs and marriage plans. Politely ask them, “Why do you want to know when I am getting married? Are you interested?”

If the person asking is a guy he will be intimidated by your bold attitude and would shut up. If the person is a girl she will freak out (assuming she is straight) and would simply avoid you.

Neighbors are the most concerned of all the people in your life if you are unmarried. Living next door to a poky neighbor can be extremely irritating.

Your lifestyle, friend circle, work, etc. everything seems to bother them if you are unmarried. Their sole concern in life would be to keep an eye on you and they do it so aptly that you can’t even directly be rude to them.

Invite them for a dinner or lunch and get your guy friends. Also there would be at least one such relative who would understand your plight. Call that relative too.

Now that would be fun. When the neighbor aunty/ uncle watch your relative completely cool about your lifestyle and your friends then it would be a face palm moment for him/ her.

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