7 Questions That Annoy Every Tattooed Woman In India

women with tattoos

Women with tattoos – Tattoos have been depicting culture, life and ideas since the early historic period no matter which area of the world we are talking about.

Let’s take India for example; a lot of tribes and creeds got inked in the traditional ways just to showcase their ideology, culture, ethical values and symbols but in spite of India adopting modernity the society considers one of the most interesting historic art as the most ‘unethical’ one now and especially when it comes to women.

So, here are 7 questions by the society that women with tattoos are annoyed with.

Women with tattoos –

  1. Who’s going to Marry You? :Well, the simple answer one can give to a question like this is “Someone who doesn’t judge women on the basis of meaningful art that they carry on their skin”. Marriage is not the end of the world so society, you need to grow up. 
  1. Do you think you look ethical? : What has ink to do with ethics in today’s time? We hope people standardize ethics on the basis of nature, behavior and values and not on the basis of tattoos when it comes to women. 
  1. Do your tattoos have some meaning or it’s just Fashion? : Though tattoos always have some meaning on the skin of an individual but even if it’s utter fashion why should women be answerable to everyone who asks a question no matter how irrelevant it is. This is something really low-key in the era like today.
  1. Will traditional attire suit on your tattoos? : Of course it will. Tattoos have nothing to do with western or traditional attires, tattoos have their own separate place on the body of an individual and linking them to clothes or accessories doesn’t make any sense at all.
  1. You won’t be able to donate blood right? : People, before commenting or stating things like these you must have the complete knowledge of things. Only a span of 1 year is required for a tattooed person for donating blood and after that they can donate blood just like ‘non-tattooed’ people do and moreover, how many of you non-tattooed people have ever donated blood? Think and comment.
  1. Tattoos can be Cancerous for women, isn’t it? : First of all cancer is never gender-bias, have you ever really thought about the ratio of tattooed and non-tattooed people who die because of cancer? Tattoos have nothing to do with generating cancerous virus in one’s body in any way. Well, obviously precautions have to be taken with everything these days and tattoos are hence, not havoc at all.
  1. What will people think of your character? : Anything that people want or wish can be thought by them is the answer to this question. Why do women have to think about people’s thinking before doing anything for themselves? They have all the right to live their lives on their terms, conditions and liking and they are not answerable to ‘people’ in any way.

These are the questions annoy the women with tattoos – What do you think about it? Send me your comments !

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