Wine And Women! These 8 Things Describe This Intrinsic Relationship!

  1. Wine Means Calming Therapy

Whatever may be the effect of wine, physiological or psychological, but it helps, to a great deal, to calm the senses! I have often heard myself saying, “Okay, I can handle this if I just have a drink first. It is a drink in the modern times, which is a ‘mother’s little helper’ and young generation’s answer to Valium. Trust me on that. And you know what, the wine companies have exploited this “mother helper” truth and begun crafting marketing campaigns that explicitly address the stresses that working mothers feel. In 2012 the wine brand Cheateau Ste. Michelle introduced an ad campaign targeting working mothers, which clearly said “It’s where you become you again — not mom, not colleague, not chauffeur, cook or cleaner-upper.”


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