Why Your Best Friend Does Never Prefers To Date You?

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Best friends are something precious that people can manage to have in their lives. But dating with best friends may not be a logical matter for many. As close or best ones do not find it comfortable to sit and date with the closest person. There can be many reasons but some of the common reasons that may be possible give some light on the various causes.

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Best Friends Never Prefer to Date Each Other

Speaking the heart out without hesitation to some is only possible to whom you are close. There is nothing to win or lose when you can open yourself. Above all, there are no chances to think twice if you should speak the truth or hide it. No one has to care much when any best friend is always close as well as ready to besides at any situation.

Dating never comes to the mind

When dating comes to the mind it is a way to spend some time with each other. Couples spend hours understanding themselves, their likes and dislikes. But it is hardly possible for friends who already know more than enough about each other. So, dating does not come to their mind, as they are already comfortable meeting without thinking much about one another’s likes or dislikes.

Tuning between couples needs some time to grow but when the friendship is old and beyond any necessity of compatibility dating is not necessary. Long time spending time as close friends do rarely develop the thought of dating.

Love sometimes change a person

There is a fear in mind that deep love develops possessiveness and obsession among the couples. Couples who are committed slowly grow possessiveness. They try to possess everything, often it interferes with the personal space. Especially, when a best friend is aware of all the positive and negative habits of a person.

Love hidden in friendship is different from the couples. Unless and until both feel committed it is not possible to grow a relationship. A friendship does not bind anyone while dating a best friend may pull the relationships into boundaries. Boundaries are never a good sign for friendship to stay long.

No one wants to lose their best friends

Different involvement of obsession and right to possess everything over their possessions can lead to growing problems. Friendship is a kind of relationship that ensures openness and confidence to never lose friends even after several disagreements.

So, no one wants to lose their best friends over the complications and burdens of relationships that may arise due to dating.

Dating cannot be for preferable terms for many as they cannot easily maintain the same relationship as friends. It is due to the arrival of different situations and terms of complications that develop with the changes. When a best friend can overcome and maintain the relationship without developing complications is hard at times. So, the fear to lose any good friend is consistent, here is when no one prefers dating their best friends.

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