Why Stress Pushes You to Eat More Food?

eat more food

In order to understand the connection between food intake or eat more food and increase stress, it is important to observe the features of the hormones. Hormones which enable to develop or increase the stress or anxiety are the cortisol or adrenaline hormone.

Let us find the features of the main hormone:

Cortisol hormone: Whenever a person is overstressed it is obvious that people will mostly suffer from the excessive secretion of cortisol hormone. The tendency or work of this hormone is to produce glucose, hereby it is not difficult for anyone to understand that sugar flowing throughout the body with blood reaches the brain.

Indulges in forcing to produce higher glucose is almost when stress implies to produce high and the body wants more food to exhibit excess glucose. One way or the other anxiety or stress increases the secretion, unknowingly the craving for food does not bound to any limits.

eat more food

Hormones work as an alarm

The human body has systematic enough but whenever there is something that is wrong or any kind of incorrect functions then it shows some particular signs. Overeating or eating more food then usual is none the less the sign of being stressed. Hereby, whenever there is an unusual schedule, suppose suddenly the crave for eating, any kind of crispy snacks in the mid of the night. A common gesture of being obsessed about certain matters, it becomes necessary to check the mind to control the mental and physical health of the body.

Ways to check over-eating

So, overall the main intention to discuss over-eating or to eat more food suddenly is to stop the forcible secretion of stress hormone. Here are a few of the ways to reduce or put an eye, if you are eating more food.

Are you really hungry?

Whenever stress forces to eat more food, it is necessary for a person to take notice and maintain the times or sessions of food taken. Apart from lunch, dinner, and breakfast, it is obvious that evening snacks are common. But, after these food sessions whenever there is an extra need for food, it has to be controlled. Know about the hunger, if you are hungry or simply the mind forces you to eat bit by bit, more and more!

Think less stay engaged

The main reason for stress is the problems and over thoughts about “how-to” or “What to do” kind of queries inside the mind. In order to keep the mind stress free, it is important to stay engaged with various kinds of activities.

Meditation, shopping, hobbies apart from regular activities will add some spice to life.

eat more food 2

Boredom fascinates eating

Excitements kill boredom, so keep yourself away from being idle. Encourage to be happy with family, friends develop a mindset to create good times and remove boredom. As when you have to do nothing, the only thing that entertains is a bucket filled with popcorn.

To eat more food is never bad when it has nothing related to stress, but if so then it becomes essential to check. In order to have better health!

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