Dating a Scorpio? Know these things!

If you’re planning to date a Scorpio, keep these factors in mind.

Scorpios (October 23- November 21) are one of the most passionate and mysterious signs on the zodiac. Understanding and deciphering them can take a lifetime and more! if you’re planning to date a Scorpio, here are some things that you should know about this fiery water sign.

Possessive streaks:
How much ever she/he may deny it, but he/she is extremely possessive to the point of being obsessed. Initially, this can flatter you, but in the long run it can turn out to be really unhealthy. Most Scorpios try their best to leave their insecurities behind and if you support and encourage them, they can get over it easily.

Fiercely loyal:
No other sign in the zodia is as loyal and committed as this Pluto-ruled one. If your bestfriend/better half is a Scorpio, you’re very lucky as he/she will be there for you till hell froze over.

Passionate beings:
Nothing drives them more than their passions. From cooking to writing to driving to photography, if they like something…they would put in their everything to succeed at it. If you’re dating this sign, make sure to encourage their passions as that would earn you brownie points for sure!

The deadly sting:
If you double-cross, cheat, backbite or generally make their lives hell, they will give it back to you in a well planned and deadlier manner. Their famed ‘sting’, which is the primary trait of a scorpion (the insect that represents this sign) will strike you when your guard is down. Because they believe in the motto ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’.

Sexy and they know it:
Be it their lovely pair of deep set eyes or luscious lips or even the way they carry themselves, these guys are one of the sexiest people on earth. Don’t believe us? The world’s sexiest woman, Scarlett Johansson, is a Scorpio! Need we say more?


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