Why Experts Think That You Should Sleep Naked

After a toiling day at work, we can’t wait to hit our beds in fennel pyjamas and oversized tee shirts but experts are of the belief that sleeping naked instead can bear a lot of benefits in your health. Sleeping naturel is good for you because is believed to lower the skin temperature which triggers the good fats. The good fats that are activated work towards burning your calories. Also, sleeping naked can help the women abate the yeast information. In the same line as this, men should also be sleeping naked in order to maximize sperm production. Goes without saying, sleeping naked is extremely comfortable which not only regulates your skin temperature but also keeps you from waking up in the middle of the night. You may be also surprised to know that sleeping naked boosts your immune system at eradicates the bacteria that linger around the warm moist areas at bay.

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, only 12 percent Americans sleep naked but most of the doctors and researchers opine for it. Our bodies are programmed to decrease the skin temperature during the hours of our sleep. If you sleep stark nude in the night hours, you feel comfortable in your skin, so naturally you sleep well too. Also, sleeping naked also determines the right time of waking up.

Furthermore, when you sleep naked, your body is cool and researchers believe that the slightest cooling of the skin helps you sleep way better than before. In fact, the elderly people who need better sleep than us, will reap more benefits from sleeping naked according to a study by Seeker. The study also confirms that the warm body of the individual disrupts a sound sleep.

According to a study published in the journal Brain, ” By employing a thermo-suit to control skin temperature during nocturnal sleep, we demonstrate that induction of a mere 0.4  degrees C increase in skin temperature, whilst not altering ore temperature, suppresses nocturnal wakefulness (P<0.001) and shifts sleep to deeper stages (P<0.001) in young and especially in elderly, healthy and insomniac participants”

In that argument, staying cool during the night hours also increases your metabolism and activates the brown fat around your neck areas which is a good fat to help you burn calories while it generates body heat. When you cool down at night, it increases your growth hormones and decreases cortisol which creates better sleeping patterns and trims down your belly fat. When you have a good slumber in night, your body fully recuperates with lower cortisol levels which will start to replenish the next day so you are filled with energy when you wake up. The production of extra cortisol will also work to increase your appetite the next day.

To conclude, when you sleep naked, your skin breathes better and the health of your skin will be optimized which is very essential for the women. Whilst your private parts are covered with unbreathable fabric all day, when you sleep naked you are keeping the vaginal irritation at bay also.

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