Why Did Chanakya Say “ The Secret Of Knowledge Wealth Is The Nectar Of Life”?

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The great Guru of politics and administration of the Maurya age “Chanakya” described the importance of knowledge. Chanakya points to the necessity of learning and improving skills that will bring wisdom. Growing with the companionship of education and learning helps in grooming life at each phase of a person. It is the reason knowledge is considered the nectar of life. The value is greater than the materialistic wealth that remains and grows every day.

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Reasons that Knowledge wealth has greater value than money

Money can buy all kinds of materialistic things; it is possible that it can give all kinds of happiness. But at a point, it will never help in mind development and wisdom. With the help of both one can easily earn all kinds of success, it can be from money to power.

It is the reason that famous people have the ability to rule over the world. Such as Chanakya, his intelligence combined with education and learning has made him a powerful person in both modern and ancient history. Bhagawad Gita also describes the intense power of knowledge. It is compared to nectar, the sweetness that supports gaining the best qualities and benefits required for a person.


Money follows after success, earning through the right path is difficult without proper skills and learning. Knowledge and learning ensure finding out necessary paths with problem-solving skills and reasoning. To be effective that can help to detect better solutions reducing the complications.

To develop the habit of thinking, controlling, and understanding the difference between good and bad. At the same time, it can enable the person to control the forces of nature. Application of skills in the workplace or at home can always gain prosperity and success.


Another beneficial factor is knowledge improves a better power of thinking. They can easily find the difference between true and false. With fewer efforts on fooling the minds, a person can live on truth. It keeps away from the unrealistic world fooling the mind.

It gives peace of mind with the depth of understanding by practicing consistently. Ensuring to give the feeling of honesty and dedication, depth of wisdom helps to remove ego and low confidence.

Discipline in life:

As Knowledge wealth has the power to increase wisdom. It motivates life to improve and brings discipline to life. Another essential factor that is impossible unless a person understands the value of discipline for prosperity. Learning is a practice, which grows the habit of being systematic, it is necessary for home and the workplace.

Nectar of life, knowledge as said by Chanakya was to motivate life. So, that people can experience success and prosperity in life. It is a treasure that increases with regular practice and learning. Money may bring materialistic happiness that can be destroyed but knowledge can never be destroyed. It is the only treasure that increases with time and leads to focus and execution at the same time.

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