Why Did Ancient Rome Women Wear Sweat Of Gladiators?

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Ancient Rome had a complete dupe on culture, civilization which makes their time an important place in history. When mentioning the roman culture romanticism is always felt in their poems and history of Kings and Queens. They owned pride in their superiority and the masculinity of men on the battlefield. It is one of the reasons that the sweat of gladiators was used by women as a beauty product.

Using sweat is really something unbelievable to be a part of a beauty product as various attractive scents are available. Modern techniques have luxurious and customized scents and perfumes for smelling good.

Costly and top branded cosmetics are present with the customized approach as per the high profile customers requirement. Modern Rome is popular for all its luxurious cosmetic products but once in ancient times the sweat of gladiator did matter.

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The sweat of gladiator was for High Profile women

Why was the gladiator’s sweat so necessary for the high profile women? During the ancient period of time, brothels were allowed to have high make-ups on their faces. Their dresses also varied from the normal women. This is one of the reasons that the high-class women had to find some natural way to look beautiful.

No overdoing so that they look attractive and beautiful naturally. The description of beautiful women in ancient roman civilization was to have a sharp nose with large eyes and fair skin. They had to find out some natural and unique way to increase their beauty. The sweat of gladiators was one of the essential beauty products of their time.

The sweat of Gladiators was sold in Pots

Wealthy women could only effort to purchase the sweats that were sold in pots as cosmetics. The sweat improved the complexion of the woman. Not all category of women were able to get the invaluable sweats of the warriors. The perfumes and cosmetics were restricted to the aristocratic groups of women.

Sweats and the drops of blood were collected directly from the battlefield after the warrior win the war. It is a sign of status and pride for the women to use the sweats of the warrior. Strigil is a tool by which the mixture of blood and sweat was stored in the pots and then sold in the market. Make-up and cosmetic uses were unethical and beyond the status of high-class Romans.

Gladiator sweats were used for smoothening the skin and improve skin health. It was also used as a perfume for both men and women. Another use of the scents was a natural form of aphrodisiac which was to attract. To improve the smell ingredients from herbs, plants and spices were added to the gladiators’ sweat.

Fairness was the main mode of attraction which was to enhance from the sweats of gladiators. Polished features with a fairer complexion that was natural and unbeatable from artificial cosmetics. It seems quirky or strange but the small drops of sweats applied on the skin created a genuine change in skin complexions.

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