When Love And Hate Collide Between Sisters!

The bond with our siblings is one of a very unusual bond. You fight, cry, stab, scream, intimidate, make fun of each other,

The bond with our siblings is one of a very unusual bond. You fight, cry, stab, scream, intimidate, make fun of each other, fuck up, make up but at the end of the day you simply love them for being that one person on whom you can rely at any point of time! Having a sister is something you cannot ask better from god.

I still remember my childhood days when my sister used to help me with all the studies, making me learn ride bicycle, made every possible efforts to protect me from anything.

But at the same time, there are moments when they irritate the shit out of you and you tend to hate them! But then I guess it becomes a state of mind.

So in short people name it a love – hate relationship, where you love the person so much but at the same time u hate them. Sounds like, I love you like I hate you!

No matter how rudely you talk to each other or make things worse for each other, the unconditional between two sisters can never die and he blood line or the sibling bond can never break because deep down your heart you have that strong connection that holds back this beautiful relationship.

Like a boss she will even scold you for good thing. I remember my sister used to boss around like I will talk to you the way I want to, but you better behave. But the whole world came to an end if somebody else tries to misbehave with me. That is the feeling which is the best in this world. Your sister claims whole authority on you which might sound rude but actually is lovely gesture.

Your every bloody detail

Just miss one simple detail, and you are grilled to death with those killer looks. So here basically they hate you not because you did something wrong but you actually didn’t find them worth to inform. Yes! It sounds weird in its own way but then few relationships are complicated just like his one!



Secrecy and Blackmailing

It’s like if you blurt out something; even I won’t leave any stone unturned against you. But then both of them very well know it will never happen. Just a way to make sure we both will take care of each other’s secret.



And when someone leaves

No one can feel so heavy like you or your sister does when one of need to leave for a better place. It is like dividing the soul that you both shared all these years. Sharing the same room, clothes, and books in short sharing the life of each other no matter how many boxing champions you must have fought.


Surely, a sister-sister relationship is an unusual yet beautiful relationship in its own different way and then you people keep switching on to a love to a hate emotion between each other which is a copyright of this relationship!

So if you have a sister, fight as much as you can with her but don’t forget to tell her that you love her the most with those pretty and starry eyes!

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