WhatsApp’s mistake – losing popularity in India


There’s a high possibility that we might see a big change in India regarding what app to use for communication. The different apps has become globally impactful and whether it’s a casino app or an app used for messages, they affect our everyday life.

Signal and other competitors in the field are gaining a lot of Indian users at the moment. It’s all happening mainly because of one unpopular action made by the giant WhatsApp. But how could the once so big and popular WhatsApp start to lose popularity? While many people fear for the future of WhatsApp, others are saying that the mistake won’t even have an impact.

Communication or online casino – apps are taking over

WhatsApp Messenger is the most used app in India, with other big contestants such as Facebook or YouTube closely behind them. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard for us to imagine a life without them. With the increasing usage, the discussion around how the different companies gather and sell our information is rapidly growing as well.

The tech people are developing new apps in all kinds of fields. If you’re interested in gambling, consider looking into the top 10 in India apps for online casino. No matter what app you are using, you should read the privacy policies. This is important if you care about how your personal information is being used by the company behind the app.

How it started

Around 400 million people are using WhatsApp in India today. It’s everything from family and friends chats to business related matters. The app’s monopoly is undeniable and the numbers of Indians using Signal or other apps is not even close. However, after WhatsApp’s latest update, things might start to change. When the app suddenly began to ask its users for acceptance of a new privacy policy, people got worried.

But as you can imagine, the general masses don’t care about privacy policies as long as they can use the app they got so used to. However, some heavy names has spoken their mind about the issue. Among these names, there is the whistleblower Edward Snowden, tech-mogul Elon musk and the Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra. They all seem to prefer Signal, saying that it protects its users rather than taking their information.

Can smaller apps handle the masses?

As interesting as it would be to see a shift in the use of communication apps in India, it’s possible that the market will remain the same. One problem that Signal and other smaller apps have is that they can’t handle a bigger pool of users. This became obvious, when the servers of Signal started to crumble after receiving all the new users. Some experts are saying that many Indians will try to install another app, but after a while they will delete it and move back to WhatsApp. This statement might turn out to be true since history has shown us the same pattern before. New apps pop up here and there, but in the end the bigger ones tend to outcompete them. However, this forces the different actors to maintain higher quality as well as come up with new ideas – which is always positive for the users.

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