5 Infallible Ways To Reduce Facial Hair That You Didn’t Know

Ways to reduce facial hair

Ways to reduce facial hair – Women shy away from discussing about facial hair reduction in public because that is not something they are valued for in the society.

In the testosterone-soaked rulebook of woman’s beauty, having facial hair is a taboo.

But it is a pretty natural phenomenon which is caused because some women have extensive and coarse hair growth all over the body and so the face is also infested with unwanted hair. The facial hair is mostly light in colour and feel. Men have facial hair because they have higher secretion androgen.

Women also produce androgen in their bodies but in a balanced level, when it exceeds the tolerable levels, women also start having hair in their face.

Here under discussed are a few effective Ways to reduce facial hair at home:

Ways to reduce facial hair –

  1. Use egg white mask to beat the facial hair. Egg whites are rich in protein and also boost collagen in your skin thereby leaving it soft, supple and youthful. You need to add cornstarch and sugar into the egg whites and beat it until it’s smooth and fluffy. Apply the whole thing all over your face, leave it for 15-20 minutes, peel it off and wash your face with normal water.
  2. Lemon and honey put together makes for an awesome waxing alternative which is not harsh for your skin too. Mix two table spoons of sugar, organic honey and lemon juice and stir them together. You can also add some water if the concoction if too thick. Apply it all over your face, leave for 15 minutes and cleanse off.
  3. Potatoes have catecholase components which help brighten your skin aside from being a wonderful wax. Meanwhile, yellow lentils have miraculous effects of facial hair too. Ground some overnight soaked lentils and add potato juice in that. You can also opt for lemon and honey into it. Apply it all over the face.
  4. Mix Papaya and turmeric together to make a thick paste and apply it all over the face. Papaya will naturally exfoliate your skin and reduce facial hair
  5. Use sugar and lemon face mask for a natural bleaching at home. It can render your face hairless in just a matter of months.

These are the ways to reduce facial hair – Having facial hair is also suggestive of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) so it is always better to seek medical help when the when the facial hair problem is untameable.

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