Travel For The Deserts Not On The Deserts !


Deserts can be adorable and beautiful with extremely distinctive features compared to the other parts of the earth.

Survival is hard but still carries a lot of life as the grand nature with the ability to define the desert as a region covered with sand or snow, hot while the sun is on the head and cold when the sun sets in the evening.

The desert is mysterious; one can only realize only when you can spend days and nights within the deserts watching the cactus plants to grow storing water within their water sacs, as even they do not know when they will get water to quench their thirst.

Why travel for the Deserts not on the Deserts?

Travel for the deserts to explore the deserts with the distinctiveness that each desert carries, it is impossible for anyone to understand the grace of nature and the deserts unless anyone travels to search for more mysteries that the nature within the deserts and the sand have hidden.

Deserts are places where it lacks rainfall resulting into the entire area may be too cold or hot. Lacks of rain leads to few growing of plants while the living beings that can survive with special characteristics to live in a scarcity of water. This particular place may be harsh but whoever has dared to survive is believed to have the fabulous adaptation characteristic as they are stable with the limited presence of water.

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Rann of Kutch:

The greatest desert of India, explore the white snowy layer of the sand. The sand is covered by salt that provides the snowy cover on the sand that can give you a chilled impression even in the scorching heat.


Thar Desert:

Rain hates this place that even in monsoon hardly any rainfall is observed, a place with hundreds of sand dunes which make Thar desert the most attractive and tourists visit this place enjoying the camel safari within the sand dunes. Nothing can be more mesmerizing watching the sand dunes which is distinctive about the Thar desert.


Spiti Valley Cold desert: 

Desert is not covered by sand dunes, it is one of the coldest deserts located at the Himalayas that lacks the rain with the unlimited snowfalls during the spring season and winter. Surrounded by the mountains, a dessert that is not hot but cold due to snowfall and lack of water.


Nubra valley Kashmir:

Miracle creation of nature is the Nubra valley, where one portion of is covered with sand dunes with the backdrop of snowy layers of the Himalayas. An eye soothing view any individual will feel after watching the landscape of Nubra Valley.


Deccan thorn scrub forests:

The southern part of India possesses the Deccan thorn scrub forest, another distinctive desert the Deccan hills is a no rainfall zone almost dry round the year.


Exploring the different parts of Indian desert can enhance you with a conception of the beauty of dryness that is unique and attractive.

So why just travel on the deserts? Explore each time while you travel for a desert.

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