These Are the 10 Things That You Hide Even From Your BFF

There is no life without a bestie in tow. She is your confidante, your partner in crime, your unofficial shopping adviser, your relationship advisor everything in a package. There are many inside jokes you share and many sleeps you ruin in the sleepovers. You are each other’s mirror but there are still somethings that keep veiled in your heart and here are them:

That her boyfriend is not as cute:

She is head over heels in love with him and love is the diabolic blinding force where we tend to rule out even grievous flaws of each other. But being her best friend, you already can see what’s coming but you can’t warn her just yet. Your hands are tied.

Your parents are less interfering than mine:

All parents are intruding, interfering and adept at emotional blackmailing. They are a category and no one can be any less than the other. That’s how they roll.

Your new dress is cute:

Your bestie has bought a flashy red dress and seems to be pretty psyched about it. Now opining against it will only be like a poking a volcano so let it be.

No, I don’t mind your office friends hanging out with us:

Being thrown in an awkward situation with strangers is nightmarish but you can’t dare say No to your bestie because you have to behave like a good sport.

Your hair will be okay soon:

The hair-cut-gone-wrong moment drives all of us bonkers so you immediately jump into building up her confidence that it will be back to normal again in a month when it will not, the blunder is serious!

I will pay you back later:

That never happens. We borrow money from bestie when we are broke and delete it from memory forever leaving the other in a dilemma whether or not to ask it back.

Mom is not permitting me to go out tonight:

Sometimes you don’t anything to wear, sometimes you are just not feeling like and sometimes you just feel painfully sleepy. In any case, a predetermined date with the bestie has to be turned down in the eleventh hour and you put the gun on your mom’s shoulder.

Your pimple is near to invisible:

If your bestie is raking over a pimple and you want to take the selfie anyway, you just simply boost her morale.

You look awesome with all that weight on:

Don’t lose weight because the diktat for beauty demands it or simply to fit into someone’s narrow mind, is what you say your bestie when you know she badly needs to for a better sex life.

I really like your selfies:

You don’t like her at all when she uploads selfies on quick succession as that makes her appear an attention seeker.

These are the harmless lies we all tell our besties.

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