8 Reasons Your Dad Is Your Best Friend In Your College Days!

dad is your friend

We all are very fond of our dads, well most of us.

They are strong pillars in our lives who give us every comfort from the day we are born. They help us to meet our aspirations and reach our goals too.

But many in their 20s or college life, start to feel that their father is their worst enemy! We say, that is absolutely a wrong thought. We understand that you  may not be able to connect with your dad on friendly grounds, the way SRK did with Anupam Kher in DDLJ, chatting up about the girlfriend problems and all. Yet, your dad can be your best friend if at all you want to make them, and start to see them as.

Today, we are giving you 8 very valid and believable reasons that your dad is your best friend in your college days. Read and make an effort to make him one, if you think the things are not in place for you.

  1. Their Strictness Towards You Is For Your Benefits

If your dad is a strict person and refrains you from many fun things, he is actually being your well wisher and friend to help you be a better person in life. Unlike your college friends who are just living frivolous life with you and living the moment. Your dad definitely holds your interests in a better way. Come to think of it, if your dad has a strict rule that you must enter the house at a certain time, you will pick this as a habit and will never be late for your professional appointments. Dads are not strict because they are made that way. They are like that because they want to make us a respectable person in the future.

  1. While We Are Gaining Education They Are Our Funders

If it is not for your dad, you would probably never be able to meet your aspirations of the kind of education you seek. They slog for hours together to be able to fund your education and give you all the comforts while you are at it. Which friend is doing that for you? Your dad is making your future secure.

  1. Dads Are The Equipped And Experienced Encyclopedias 

You can never have a better mentor than your dad ever. We can bet on that! He is the person who has experienced life in all its forms and played various roles too. Being the closest to you, he knows you and understands you unlike any other friend and that’s why he can guide you in the right direction.

  1. Your Dad Is One Person You Can Always Depend Upon 

If you decide to confide in your dad, he is one person you can always depend upon, no matter how gruesome situation you are in, especially in carefree college days.  It is a tried and tested moment for many who vouch by the fact too. He gives you the sense of security that no other friend can give.

  1. They Are Your Problem Solvers

From school education and math problems, to college education and grading sorrows, to all the life’s great problems, fathers seem to have the answer to all of them. And even if they don’t, they’ll look it up for you. Which friend will do it for you with that kind of dedication?

  1. When The Time Demands, They Play Mom Too

When moms are not around or fall sick, it is your dad only who cooks breakfast for you when you are mad rushing to college. He is the one who makes sure that you get food on your table and clean clothes in your wardrobe when your mother is not there to take care of all these. Point out at a single friend who has ever done that for you.

  1. Dads Are The Greatest Motivators In Life 

You get intimidated in your young age, while taking a plunge in newer things. But, your dad is always there to encourage you and motivate you if you are moving in the right direction. Moreover, there is a sense of ease while taking up something new, because you know he is there to hold up if anything goes wrong. 

  1. This One Is The Best – They Are Funny Too 

All dads have this funny side to them. They might not like to show it all the time, for the discipline they need to inculcate in you and others in the family. But when the opportunity comes, they prove to be the funniest friend you can have and make some memories worthwhile

So folks, before we wind up on the thought, we would like to add that dads are often taken for granted and most of the times we fail to see a good friend in them, while we are busy making friends outside, in younger years. 

Try and take a closer look today and initiate the most beautiful friendship with dad, TODAY!

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