Things Only Dog Lovers Can Relate To

Dog Lovers

Dogs are the animals which are very close to human beings.

They live like a family with us. We share an emotional bond with our dogs. There are few things only Dog Lovers can understand. People who are yet to be a dog lover can see these things coming in their lives with a dog.

Let us have a look at these things that Dog Lovers relate to :-

Dog Lovers –

1 – The Bigger, the better

No matter how big your dog is, he is still your baby. He would love to sit on your lap; you have to carry him to the bathroom in your lap. He just loves to crawl over you.

2 – No Bathing

Our dogs love to water the most, they love to swim. Playing in water might be their biggest fun time but when it comes to bathing, it is the end of their world. It is the toughest job to give your dog a bath.

3 – The Bed Time

This is the time when you need them the most. “No pets on the beds” is the worst rule to follow. Your dog always gets the bigger chunk of your bed and you are lucky if you find some place for yourself too.

4 – One is not Enough

It is just not about one dog; if you are a dog lover you love any dog. No matter whose dog it is, you always feel a sense of affection towards them. Even you can’t ignore the street dogs… Dogs give you the best vibes possible.

5 – Vice-Versa

Not only have you, even the dogs feel the same about you. They sense your love towards them. No dog hates a dog lover.

6 – Don’t Ignore Them

You can see some of the craziest things if you ignore them for a single moment. They are always keen for your attention and you have got to give them that.

7 – Regular Sweeping

Regular sweeping is the only way of your life. You dedicate most of your time in cleaning your dog’s hair from your sofa, carpet, bed and your floor. Still, you love them the most.

No matter whatever your dog does, he is your best buddy. You just can’t live without him/her. They have the biggest chunk of your heart with them. It is kind of impossible to imagine your life without them.

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