These Powerful Herbs Can Improve Your Digestion

Our digestive system is really amazing. It breaks down all the food that we put into our system and gets them absorbed into our bloodstream. It then curbs the waste from our cells and keeps our digestive system functional. In the modern day lifestyle, we are overworked, stressed, exhausted and sleep-deprived. On top of that, we consume a lot of unhealthy food that adversely affect the whole system too. We are into smoking and consuming alcohol too which multiplies the adversities up to no end. Everything together, takes a toll in our overall health. But, if you take the herbal route, you can still save your health from the brink of collapse. Here are the names of a few herbs that will help improve your digestion like no other:


Turmeric is alternatively known as curcuma longa which is deemed as a potent anti-inflammatory herb. It is known to control the problems like acid reflux and flatulence. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is used in many medicines too.

Milk thistle:

This flowering plant belongs to the daisy family which is used as a digestive herb since time immemorial. In strengthens the liver thereby improving your digestion. It, hence, helps flush out the toxins from your body and detoxifies it.


This is the common flavoring agent n Indian kitchens and a staple for almost every Indian food. This is an old-school home remedy for indigestion and known to stimulate gastric acids which help boost enzymes and improve digestion. It also expels gas from the digestive system.

Black pepper:

This is famous for seasoning in both Western countries and Indian subcontinent. This is imbued with a compound called Piperine which improves absorption of nutrients. Black pepper also helps the bile acids to secrete and thus, breaking down the food becomes easier. It further expels the gas from digestive system hence useful in clearing flatulence, belching etc.


This ayurvedic herb is assortment of three things, amla (gooseberry), haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) and bibhitaki (beleric myrobalan) that are inundated with health benefits. Triphala deters the gas from accumulating in the digestive track and helps improve contractile movement of muscles of the digestive system. Thus, the movement of food and digestion becomes easier. Triphala also helps in curing digestion which is the key benefit of the same.

Fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds are widely used as mouth fresheners. Besides, it has many digestive track friendly properties that make it one of the most coveted herbs. It has an antispasmodic action that relaxes the contracted intestinal muscles. Further, it also helps expel gas from the digestive system.

Sankha Bhasma:

This is an ayurvedic preparation that is made from the conch shell. It is said to cure the appetite and provide relief from the digestive problems such as gastritis and duodentitis.

You can use these ingredients individually or in combination for managing your digestive track. However, we will always advise you to visit your doctor for the appropriate dosage.


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