These Places Sell The Best Kakori kebabs in Delhi

This might anger the cow vigilant but Kakori Kebabs made with minced beef and meticulous spices always turn the fire on. The Muslim chefs in Lucknow have quite a hand at it and it is the staple during Eid every year. The best go-to with Kakori Kebab is Rumali Roti and the duo is an instant mood-lifter. You can’t go without loving them if you have no inhabitations against eating beef. In case if you are in Delhi and looking for restaurant options that serve the best Kakori Kebabs, here we are for your help. Read on below:

Sab ki Khatir:

This takeaway joint is a favorite among Kebab lovers. It also serves the choicest of Mughlai dishes so ultimate paradise for them foodies. Ever wanted to experience the softest of Kakori Kebabs? come here and see how they melt in your mouth like a gelato ice-cream.

Alkakori Alkauser:

If you are up for a casual dining experience, look no further than this. The old world charm will seem pretty intriguing to you here. They sell the Kakori Kebabs which are soft and needless to say, juicy. You can also treat your taste buds on their Handi Biryani, Warqi Paratha and Tandoori Chicken.

Gulati Restaurant:

This is a hub for foodies for all the right reasons. Herein, you get the best Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani. But, you will be really over the moon once you taste their juiciest of Kakori Kebabs which can be an apt option to start your dinner with.

Azam’s Mughlai:

You will get the best dining experience here. Indulge in some best Kakori and Galouti kebabs in this true gem located at the intricate alleyways of Khan market. This place is one of the most well thought of one in Delhi for selling the best Mughlai cuisine. Mutton Kakori Kebabs are considerably one of the best dishes to try here.

Khan Chacha:

If you want to dig rolls, there is no better place than this, we guarantee. You will get treated to best rolls such as Mutton Kakori, Malai Tikka, Chicken Seekh which are fairy experimental. These are served as Kebabs too in case if you are not up for a roll.

Aap ki Khatir:

This small joint located in SDA sells the best kebabs and rolls, take note. In the kebab options, there are Mutton Kakori, Chicken Seekh or Mutton Seekh to pamper your taste buds. You get other authentic Mughlai dishes here as well.

Thok (The house of Kakori):

This place is famous for giving you the wholesome Mughlai gluttony experience. These Kakori Kebabs that you get here are delectable to say the least being soft, juicy and spicy. This restaurant beams with pride in Malviya Nagar.

Don’t take your foodie whims for granted, get your steaming plate of Kakori Kebabs that will get you going crazy.

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