These Are The Annoying Problems Every Make-up Lover Will Understand

Make-up is hands down the best thing that a woman can wear. It not only makes you feel confident but brings out your best. We keep scouring the internet for best make-up hacks and tutorials but we are in a tizzy when the brushstrokes go wrong. Sometimes, while staring covetously at the celebrity pictures, we wonder how can they appear such flawlessly decked up. Of course, no prizes for guessing that there are celebrity make-up artists behind who make sure of the killer outcome. However, it is really annoying when we try to imitate them and end up sad because our strokes are not as masterly. If you are a make-up enthusiast, we are sure that you too have faced these annoying problems:

Your mascara clumps:

We never get our mascara right in the first application. We are not supposed to blink when add that extra drama to our lashes but it every time splashes in the lower eyelid.

Lipstick bleeds:

We have been many a times told by the make-up experts to apply a lip balm before lipstick. Whenever we give the lip balm a ditch, lipstick starts bleeding making us looking like a character from The Vampire Diaries.

Hairs fall out from the make-up brushes:

Just when we feel that we are done, the one or two strands of hairs the make-up brushes leave on our faces after caressing it pop up in sight. We try fanning them off hurriedly but to no avail.

Chipped nails:

We are flushed with enthusiasm every time we scroll through the chic nail arts in our Instagram feed and swear down to grow our nails bigger this time. Sadly, we end up having chipped nails every time.

We feel icky when we wake up with make-up:

The last night’s residue always give you the icky feeling when you wake up. No matter how much effort you have put to remove your make-up, the stubborn particles still remain only make you feel itchy the next day as you wake up.

Your Favourite make-up goes out of stock:

You have saved your favourite Becca shimmer particles in the cart because you were broke last month. As soon as you receive your salary and attempt a buy, you end up heartbroken because it has gone out of stock.

Your eyeliner is never on point:

You try to wing it but never manage to draw the similar lines in both eyes. Worse, the eyeliner hacks that you pick up from YouTube go wrong too when you have hurry.

So make-up virgins, get your head around these annoying problems before you attempt it.         

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