These 5 Winter Foods Can Help You Cut Belly Fat

It is biting cold outside and those in Delhi, are already freezing. In Indian winter, temperature drops to the highest low right from the beginning of January and until first week of March, we feel way too bummed and don’t let go of our blankets. The fitness freaks will not pull a ditch on their gym routine even then but those who dread going to the gym, are likely to put on oodles of weight during this season only. However, a lot can happen over a good diet and if you smartly add these winter foods in your everyday diet, these will help curb your belly fat without much hassles.


Carrots are high source of fibers that keep you fuller for a higher spell. Carrots also help improve your digestion. You can munch on some raw carrots if you feel hungry because they are tasty too. These are pretty low in calories and non-starchy which makes them a superfood.



Beetroot is inundated with weight-loss-friendly fibers. Surprisingly, hundred grams of beetroot has only 43 calories and about 0.2 grams of fat with 10 grams of carbohydrates. United States Department of Agriculture has approved of the fact that beetroot aids your weight loss. You can use beetroot in salads or juices to reap maximum benefits.


This warm and woody spice is a staple for many winter preparations. Arguably, this beneficial spice can help you lose a pound or two. Cinnamon is a great booster of metabolism naturally. Going by a study published in the journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, the metabolism of a fatty visceral tissue that speeds up weight loss is stimulated by the cinnamaldehyde of cinnamon. Consuming cinnamon also heightens the insulin production in your body which helps abate diabetes too.

Fenugreek seeds:

Your blood sugar levels are managed by the consumption of Fenugreek seeds routinely. Fenugreek seeds boost the secretion of insulin and helps boost metabolism too. Fenugreek seeds are packed with Galactomannan which is a water-soluble component which helps curb hunger cravings. Just soak some Fenugreek seeds in water overnight and consume it in the empty stomach next morning.


We all drool over this crunchy nd delectable winter fruit which is very beneficial at the same time too. Guavas are enriched with dietary fibers which effectively boost your digestive system. When your digestion is good, your metabolism is high which naturally promotes your metabolism.

You can see a positive change occurring in your body if you include these foods in your winter-diet. You can shed those extra pounds naturally. Also, you are not very alien to these so why not give a try?



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