The Country of Monks Known As “The Land of Smile”

land of smile

A smile carries a lot of meaning as a sign of happiness, welcome and satisfaction. This unique gesture of happiness is always seen in the “land of smile”, Thailand. It is a place of monasteries and monks who carry an enthusiasm of togetherness. The people of Thailand show friendliness with a lot of smiles on the faces of the native person that welcomes visitors without or less spoken words. Warm welcomes from all known and unknown people.

Thai culture is itself a unique indication of their lifestyle and their love for their guests or visitors to their country. The first welcome greetings” Sawadika” speaks all about the warmth and happiness that their culture possesses.

land of smile 1

Bowing down in “land of smile”

As culture and religion differ country wise, mostly people bow down in front of god. But the people bow down as a gesture of respect for the other person. The same gesture is from the other side that is seen only in the land of smile. Bowing and smiling both are a sign of being generous and being a special one to them. People are not at all found to stay aloof or escape the wonderful gesture.

Tourists feel free moving around in the friendly and bright ambience. Both male and female workers work equally. None of the professions suffers disrespect. People earn their livelihood and live happily with a smile on the face; if a monk or a flower seller.

Land of Smile irrespective of genders

No, they do not mind to give a friendly smile to the man to man or man to woman. The smile and gratitude are equal for all men and women. Tourists are found moving around happily and above all, they have a smile on their face.

Their decent approach even to the unusual facts or anything they disagree is with a smile. Denying anything standing on the land of smile that is “No” will be with a smile.

Place of monks

It is obvious that peace and harmony will survive in the place of monks. Despite hardships and poverty among the Thai people, their religion teaches them peace and happiness. Their warmth in their smiles always welcomes tourists for more than one time.

Their gentle behaviour is a sign of great hospitality which makes the outsiders feel comfortable. This is one of the reasons that a person who visits once will like to visit for the second time or more.

What about the Thai smile in the air?

Inspiring the culture and the land of smile the Thai smile air spreads the message through the air. It is more than 7 years since the flight is taking off from the airport of the land of smiles “Suvarnabhumi Airport”. Pretty women with an influential smile on beautiful faces represent Thailand to different parts of the world.

A place that holds no discrimination of status, genders and religion have genuine gentleness, kindness to all people from rich to poor. It may a smile that indicates happiness, or a smile to just say Sorry or No, each is expressed without rudeness and anger. Thailand is the land of smile and people believe to be kind and gentle!

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