Ten Survival Skills Everyone Should Know How To Lead The Life Like A Boss !

Survival Skills

Survival skills – We never know what life is gonna throw at us! But it is never wrong to be ready for the baddest situation too. Agree?! You got to, in fact.

The only thing that can be done to face any challenging situation or circumstance is preparing well before hand.

So, today you are going to see through the different survival skills that will help you survive in most challenging situations of life – like the natural calamities, fire, personal injury, bone fracture or dislocation etc.

Check out these Survival skills !

Survival skills –

  1. Build a personal shield and fire

If you are stuck somewhere in a lonely place In order to protect yourself from dangerous animals or any calamity, you will need a place to hide yourself or simply for instant stay. This can be built with natural materials like the sticks, dry grass etc. You all need fire to naturally illuminate the area and keep dangerous animals from pouncing on you.

Survival Skills

  1. Basic need food

Learn how to cook basic things at least so that you don’t starve. This applies to even men get ready for any situation and help yourself you don’t have to be a pro just the basic cooking will help you any situation.

Survival skills

  1. Learn the edibility test

The Universal edibility test helps you test with the edibility of the plants. For this, you need to place a small piece of plant against lips, then comes the tongue, followed by the whole mouth. You need to wait for at least 8 hours to see any changes in the body or your health. If no changes, consider the plant is edible.

Survival skills

  1. Swimming

Swimming is an essential survival skill so you got to learn this you never know when life throws a  challenge at you.

Survival skills

  1. In times of natural calamity

Try finding out a better and safer place for yourself. A better place means where you don’t get carried or driven away by the calamity.

Survival skills

  1. Learn the basic first aid

Learn to treat or help yourself both in presence and absence of a first aid kit. When the injury to the body is caused due to the cut, do not leave it like that. Use a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood oozing out from the injury.

Survival skills

  1. Burns treatment

It is advisable to clean the burnt area of your skin with a cloth. Apply natural honey if available. Loosely tie up a wet cloth around the burnt area.

Survival skills

  1. Protection of own self

You are the best one that can help yourself from any kind of dangers like animals. For this, you just need to be calculated and alert. Not only animals but you might come across gundas or even terrorists. Its important you are physically fit, learn self-defence.

Survival skills

  1. Bone fracture or dislocation

In case of fracture, you need to support the fractured part with a strong support. In case, you are stuck up in forest – wood sticks or strong twigs helps for the purpose. In case you have dislocated your knee bone, it can be restored to its place by stretching the leg forward.

Survival skills

  1. Help yourself navigate back home

In order to get yourself out from the place that you got, try to first establish the direction ‘north’. Now if that is a difficult task, try following water stream or your mobile signals to reach nearest city.

Survival skills

These are the Survival skills –  So, with these you can help yourself survive in challenging situations.

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