Some “Dirty Little Secrets” Of Hair Salons And You Must Read It!

Secrets Of Hair Salons

Secrets Of Hair Salons – Like always, you visit hair salon to get a new makeover. You think that everything is pretty good there and the stylists too are doing their job correctly. But, what you don’t know is even stylist in some hair salon’s have their own tricks that they apply on you.

What mostly happens is, we fix an appointment and then we reach there at a fixed time and the process gets started, right? We don’t even think about how some stylist make us believe that we are absolutely looking great even though we are not.

Those who haven’t experienced or observed any such thing are pretty lucky. But, those we have experienced it have spilled some secrets and I’m sure that you don’t want to miss it. So, there was a question being asked on Quora “What are some dirty little secrets of hair salons?” Some Quorans revealed what they’ve experienced and observed and honestly it was quite shocking but relatable at the same time.

Here are some answers given by Quorans (Secrets Of Hair Salons).

You wake up in the morning ready for your $200 hair appointment that you made a month in advance because her calendar gets full quickly.

You arrive and sit in her nice cushioned chair ready for her goddess hands to work a miracle in your hair.

You sit there for hours browsing on your phone while she paints, cuts, washes and swooshes your hair.

She asks if curls are fine because you know curls are just fancier. You agree and allow her to curl your strands.

She finishes, hands you a mirror and gasps. “Your hair turned out amazing! Oh Em Gee! I did not even know I could do this, how did I create this work of art? Can I take a picture?”

You watch her snap some shots with a huge bright smile on her face and glance at the mirror. You agree that it looks great. You leave once you pay the whopping one million after you have added the tip.

The next day you decide to straighten you hair and LO AND BEHOLD you have un-blended hair, brassy spots, yellow strands, and finally some blonde that you asked for. You have your natural brown hair that runs down to your neck, others that stay only at the top of your head like you asked for and others right smack in the middle of your hair.

Hairstylists will boast their work and scream in joy when handing you the mirror. It is a little psychological trick. You hear her praise how good it looks that you start imagining it as beautiful. You will not dare let her down by saying you do not like it and you will not dare question her work.

Hairstylists will also usually curl your hair because that makes it easier to hide the little mistakes. They curl all the little un-blended spots and make it blend in with your other hair.

Next time you go in for some color in your hair ask that they straighten it and turn your little ears off when they start commending their own work.


(- By Suly Mala)

I think it would be helpful for someone in the industry to answer. Of course I can’t speak for every salon and every stylist, (not all are the same) but I can tell you what I’ve seen in my years as a stylist.

The biggest dirty trick (in my opinion) is the shortcuts stylists take to get you finished faster.

  • Some stylists will rinse hair color out before the recommended processing time. This will cause your color to under-deposit, therefore it will fade faster, and grey coverage will be poor.
  • Some will skip toner when the client needs it.
  • Some will give you half a haircut, or skip necessary steps for your haircut. They won’t check for uneven lengths, or tip your head before cutting.
  • Some will give you a sloppy blow dry. They do whatever will get you out of the chair quickest, whether it looks good or not.

(– By Maria Quintin) Check the answer here.

Secrets Of Hair Salons- So, do you have anything to share? Have you experienced anything like this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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