6 Reasons Behind Your Smelly Urine!

Reasons For Smelly Pee

“Reasons For Smelly Pee”

Your urine can easily tell you a lot more about your health. The dirty smell and change in color reveals everything that’s wrong with your body. I know it kinda sucks that when you go to pee and then keep thinking “why the hell my urine smells so disgusting”? Well, before you think something major about it, let me tell you that sometimes it can be undamaging. I mean, sometimes you just don’t need to visit doctors but you need to change your lifestyle.

Here, I’ve listed the reasons for smelly pee, read ‘em, and do your best to avoid it.

  1. Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water is obviously important and drinking enough is very important. When you don’t consume enough water, that time your body doesn’t reacts the way it should be positively. When you’re dehydrated, the smell of your pee turns out to be very strong and not normal like it should be.

  1. You Ate Something

When you eat food that has onions, garlic, salmon or even when you drink a lot too much coffee, then it often results into bad urine smell. So, there is nothing to bother about but yeah if the smell pisses you off, then you better change your food.

  1. You are a diabetes patient

People with diabetes have sweet-smelling urine. You don’t need to taste it but obviously the smell is enough to reveal all that. Diabetic patients always run to the toilet more than a person who is non-diabetic.

Also, thirst is common when you’ve diabetes and that’s why, it later results into going to the toilet again and again.

  1. Medicines

The medicines that you intake can also result into giving smelly urine. Especially, the change in color is quite common in this situation. Suppose you’re a person who daily takes medicines, then it can be a reason. Because the medicines too are sometimes flavored and thus while peeing, the bad smell is considered as its side effect.

  1. Trimethylaminuria

The word might be hard to read but like its longetivity, you can have this problem for a long time. Basically, this problem gives very bad body odor which cannot be treated quickly. If you’ve this problem then the urine smells will be sour and fishy.

  1. UTI

UTI is mainly a common reason behind smelly pee. When the bacteria enter the urinary tract, the result is smelly urine. UTI i.e. Urinary Tract Infection is a concerning reason and needs to be given a proper medical attention. So, if the burning and bad odor continues regularly, then you must visit a doctor.

These were the reasons for smelly pee. Any queries? Comment below.

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