5 Quick Lingerie Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

Quick Lingerie Hacks

It becomes frustrating when you are headed to work or a party, you are already running out of time and suddenly you see that your favourite bra has a broken strap.

For that matter, anything that ever happens suddenly to our lingerie is like a nightmare.

So, what would you do in that case?

I am sure, you won’t head out straight to buy a new one and neither can you wore the damaged piece. Well, then use these simple quick lingerie hacks and you will be good to go:

Quick Lingerie Hacks – 

1. Fix the ripped underwire

It’s irritating to see the underwire ripped when you are wearing the bra. Well, all you have to do in that case is take a little moleskin, push the underwire back in and paste the moleskin on it. You have your underwire fixed.

2. Make a racerback

At times, you don’t have the matching racerback you need, so all you have to do is make one. Simply, adjoin the straps on the back and pin them up with the help of a paper pin. That’s it!

3. Fix running stockings

For those who just can’t live without stockings but hate when they run down the legs again and again. All it takes is two sprays of your hair spray on those stockings and they will be fixed to your legs once they are dry.

4. Loosen up that tight bra

Sometimes those bras get tight and it becomes suffocating. Well, just take out extra hooks and eyes from your old damaged bra and stitch them to this one. You can now wear it a little loose.

5. Spruce up the strap

If your bra strap is discoloured or unlikeable, just take a lace and paste it on that strap. Or you can take a few buttons and beads to paste on your bra straps. It will be magical!

These are Quick Lingerie Hacks – There are a lot of other things that you can come up with too.

After all, fashion has no rules and your lingerie must be the way you want it to.

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