Popular Entertainments Among Youths in India

Popular Entertainments Among Youths in India

As one of the most populous and diverse countries globally, India has always been known for its richness in culture, entertainment and religion, even from its earliest years. However, the Indian entertainment sector has witnessed massive growth in the last few years – becoming one of the biggest industries in the country. According to Statista, the entertainment and media industry was worth over Rs. 1.7 trillion in 2020 – amidst the damages done by COVID-19. According to the report, the industry is projected to increase by more than 20% in the coming years.

Presently India has the 5th biggest entertainment and media industry globally. The boom in the industry in India is majorly fostered by an increase in digitization, government support and the evolving lifestyles of people, which results in a rising demand for entertainment services. 

A distinctive characteristic of India is that its total population is majorly made up of youths – about 400 million young people otherwise referred to as the ‘Gen Y.’ This makes the country an ideal place for thriving entertainment. Also, the advent of technology has made mobile devices (phones and PC) and speedy 4G internet readily available to a much larger population than usual. Reports show that India has the most prominent smartphone sales globally, and the average Indian youth spends more than two hours on their phones. These factors are also significant drivers behind the burgeoning entertainment market in India.

This article will discuss the top 4 entertainment trends common among Indian youths.

Cinemas and movies

The Indian movie industry is presently the largest globally – producing thousands of movies yearly in various Indian languages. The sector produces most movies globally – more than Hollywood (USA) and Nollywood (Nigeria) combined. Bollywood, the face of the industry that makes Hindu movies, has a broader reach to local and international audiences. Bollywood movies are known for their glamour and vigour and have served as a major source of entertainment in the global market.

However, movies as a source of entertainment in India are not limited to the Indian movie industry. With the growth of technology and access to various streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, Indian youths also have fun watching different blockbuster movies worldwide.  

Music and dance

Music and dance have always been primary sources of entertainment in India. India’s indigenous music is a mixture of pop, classical, folk and popular. Today, the country’s music industry is influenced by diverse cultures, religions and has witnessed considerable growth even amidst the COVID-19 crises. According to Statista, the music industry in India reached a revenue of around Rs. 15b in 2020 and is projected to reach Rs. 23b by 2023 – with a CGAR of 15%. In India, music and dance also significantly impact many other major entertainment industries, such as movies, sports, and TV shows. 

Due to the availability of mobile devices and access to various offshore streaming platforms, foreign music is also fast gaining ground in the country. Indian youths now enjoy American hip-hop, Afro beats and Caribbean music mixed with various dance styles and beats.

Sports (cricket)

Indians derive major entertainment from sports – whether by playing on the field or watching various matches from home on their TVs. Cricket is the most popular sport in India – with a massive following larger than the likes of football, hockey, kabaddi and others. Cricket is often referred to as a ‘national obsession’ in India and is widely played across most stadiums, schools, and playgrounds. The sport has also been a significant source of revenue for the country, with many notable competitions to its name. 

The Indian Premier League is the most notable cricket tournament in India and the most-watched sports competition in the country. The competition always has the support of major sponsors and famous Bollywood stars. The 2021 IPL was reported to have amassed around 268 million viewers in just eight matches of the tournament. 

Sports betting

Since sports holds a prominent position among Indians, you can only expect that there would be a surge in the rate of sports betting in the country. Though Indian regulations around betting are confusing, online sports betting is booming in the country, with many people betting on their favourite sports using offshore betting sites. Though sports betting majorly serves as a means to earn reasonable income for a lot of Indians, many others also see it as entertainment. 

One sport that Indians like betting on most is cricket – the most popular sport in the country. Reports show that 60-70% of every sport betting in India is towards sports betting. Today, several offshore betting sites allow Indians to place live cricket bets and earn money while getting entertained.

One of India’s best sports betting sites is Parimatch – an internationally licensed sports betting company with more than 28 years of providing outstanding customer service. Parimatch provides fast and convenient withdrawal methods and several promo offers.  


The advancement in technology has made mobile devices and a fast internet connection readily available to most Indian youths, thus allowing them to enjoy various entertainment trends both locally and internationally. Sports and betting remain significant trends in the country, always keeping Indian youths glued to their seats. Don’t forget to visit Parimatch for a fantastic betting experience.

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