How Little Playful Games Bring A Big Smile And Greater Memories?

Playful games

Playful Games – When was the last time when you ran just like that in the cold morning or cycled on the city road just to watch the sunrise?

These activities which were a ritual during the summer holidays when we were children are very rare these days. Obviously everyone went busy with the life, who has the time to get out of office or home after a hectic schedule?

And when I see the childhood of today’s children, I consider myself lucky to have a time of my life enjoying numerous outdoor activities in an open space.

Nostalgia strikes me when I peep into a child’s life in the present day where they have less of outdoor games and prefer the play stations and computers more! For me a simple half an hour time playing on the ground next to my place with all my friends was an everyday treat.

So we bring you that old time to reminisce some lovely outdoor playful games that we used to enjoy completely after a hectic day at school in the evening!

Playful Games –

1 – Pitthu

This game of seven deadly stones was I guess the most favourite of all. Destroying the pile of the stones with the help of a ball by a team and the opponent team chasing them was real fun. It used to be the common game played by the children of all the age groups.


2 – Hide and Seek

Apart from eating hide and seek biscuit, this game was my personal favourite. School, home, college, picnic you name any place and everyone was bang on ready to play this game. Every time you play, the target was to find an exclusive hide out place that no one can find.


3 – Hop-scotch

Hopping was never tiring and this much fun when we played hop scotch. Hopping, jumping and skipping was all a part of this game right from the number one to ten. While roaming on the roads many times we used to find the pattern that was drawn with the help of colourful chalks to play this game.


4 – Ice Water

This dodge game was like a complete time pass game with unlimited fun. While the denner was supposed to turn every person into ice, the fellow mates could turn them into water. Poor denner used to run his ass out to chase people around!


5 – Corner To Corner

Tree to tree or corner to corner was one fun game that can be played anywhere and anytime of the day be it the day or night. I still remember when ever there was a power cut in summer this was everybody’s first choice.


6 – What colour you want?

This game was a sure shot test to find out how many colours you know. Asking in a chorus to the denner of the game, “what colour you want” and then everyone would run to touch the right colour. It turned out to be simple yet a fun game.


7 – Kho-Kho

This was the game full of running, screaming and shouting out kho-kho. With people sitting in a single line, there was one chaser and a dodger each from both the teams. This was a great game when the strength was high.


8 – Chain- chain

Ever thought of conspiring about the fellow player during a game? This game gives you a chance. *kidding* This was the game that has one denner initially and as he used to dodge people, they got added to the long chain with the denner.


9 – Cut the cake

I know you thought of actual cake cutting but this game was a hell round of fun. The denner is supposed to chase a person and some other person from the dodger would cut the cake in between by passing them!


10 – A tisket A tasket, A brown and yellow basket!

Unlike its complex name, this game was a full on enjoyment. Every friend’s birthday party at home was incomplete without this game. Large circles, singing the song in chorus and two people running behind each other in a circle was all about this game.


Playful games – They may not be national games or highly practised ones but these are few of the refreshing games that brought life to our childhood and the only thing we are left with is innumerable memories that knit a web in our mind!!

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