5 Perks Of Being Single On New Year’s Eve!

Perks Of Being Single On New Year's Eve

“Perks of Being Single On New Year’s Eve”

Trust me, being single on New Year’s Eve is the best thing ever. It doesn’t matter about what you did last year with someone, cause’ everything that matters now is “Enjoying being single and having a big bang like no one’s watching”.

Screw all that relationship shit because especially the New Year’s Eve should be all about YOU. So, just take a look at yourself into the mirror, dress up the way you want to and have fun in a wildest way possible.

Before these things blow your mind, here are some reasons that indicates why the perks of being single on new Year’s Eve is an absolute bliss.

  1. You can go out and Partyyy

Now just picture this {You’re in a relationship and on New Year’s Eve your partner is convincing you to stay at home and enjoy the wine and dine} Ugh, how boring it can get, right? But if you’re single, there’s no one to hold you back and you can go wherever you want too. Isn’t that cool?

  1. You can spend your money on things YOU like

Now, how cool is that, right? You’ve no one to control you or tell you that don’t spend your money here and there and blah blah…You can spend money or you can save it 😉 the way you want it to do without any interference.

  1. You can kiss a random person

Well, obviously if that random person allows you to do that thing. But anyways, it is the best time to hook up or simply the catch and fall on New Year’s midnight is just fine. Everybody is high and they’re going crazy doing all stuff-Just imagine, how lucky you’ll be in such a scenario.

  1. You can go out and spend time with your friends

Trust me; some committed ones think that New Year’s Eve should only be celebrated with their SO. But c’mon, the fun that you can have with your crazy friends is nothing as compared to the committed feeling.

  1. You can just stay in and do the crazy things

Suppose you’re a person who wants to stay at home and drink some wine and stuff. But just cause’ you’re committed, your partner wants you to be out and she’s not digging to understand you, then it can get horrible, right? But remember, the perks of being single is you can do whatever the f*ck you want to do. Going out…Naah! OK…Staying in….Naah! Ok. It is all about you and your decisions.

For all the single one’s out there, do you want to share any extra perks of being single on New Year’s Eve ? Let us know in comments below.

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